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Personalized, one-on-one guidance in optimizing your Fiverr gig for success.

The $99 Checkup

I'll give your Fiverr gig a thorough checkup, do a personal consultation over the phone or Skype...and give you many suggestions and ideas for money-making improvements.

live voiceover coaching.

Voiceover Coaching

Find out how you and I can work together to help you advance your abilities as a voiceover person, stretch you into new styles, and to identify your "money voice."

Ten techniques that will fire up your Fiverr business.

The $75 Fiverr Gold Course

A full video course that covers ten proven communications techniques that will build Fiverr sales and keep customers coming back over and over again...

Advice from the experts on how to create a great voiceover demo.

The $75 GigWinners Demo Creation Course

We assembled a "Dream Team" of six demo production experts to talk about every step in the process,  If you want to do voice-overs, this one's definitely gold!

Not doing all that great on Fiverr?

Time for a Gig Doctor Checkup!

(Includes all of the following:)

represents fiverr gig checkup for problems
Gig Checkup

I'll give your gig a thorough going over, checking the demo, description, pricing, keywords, the works.

personal consultation dicuss fiverr gig sales problems

We'll connect via Skype or phone, and have an in-depth conversation about ways to improve your effectiveness and increase your sales!

Fiverr Facebook group to help solve Fiverr gig performance problems.
Ongoing Assistance

Afterwards, you'll be invited to an elite, Facebook group where we all share ideas and help and encourage each other to keep improving our Fiverr businesses.


You have been so incredibly helpful to me and after the Gig Doctor session, my gig exploded!!  I am now a Level One seller, 51 orders to my credit, 30 5-star reviews and I am sitting at $984.00 in sales for June!!! Considering I did $154 in May…I’d say,

VAST improvement!!

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In case you haven't booked an appointment with The Gig Doctor, then it's time you did. Trust me, it's so worth it!

You're gig not getting enough traffic? Or you need help setting up your gig? Contact the Gig Doctor, and Dane Scott will come to your rescue.

Can you tell I'm a total fan?  He's really helped me, and after his help, my gigs started getting jobs.




I wasn’t showing up in the search anymore...
Frustrated is an understatement. 
I reached out to Dane Scott for some help. My impressions have been on a rise ever since! Thx Dane! 
If you’re on the fence of asking for his help, just do it. It’s well worth the investment!

Eric Holzschuh

Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Thank you so much for your help Dane!  It really made a difference!  I was at an all time low and things have really picked up! 

Philippa "Pippa" Vos

Top Rated Seller and

Fiverr Top Choice

VO Chick on Fiverr


I had a gig doctor session with Dane about 6 weeks ago now. I put into practice what he suggested. My earnings went up immediately.  Today I earned in 1 day what I used to earn per week.  Thank you for your help.  I’ll be back for some of your HeadSlappers soon.

A shout and credit where credit is due to the Gig Doctor Dane Scott, for your expertise and doctoring of my “deep voice over” gig, to achieve a spot on the first page of search results for deep voice over.

black on black.jpg

I've been on Fiverr for about 5 years, restarted my gig after falling off the face of the earth, but was SUPER frustrated because I wasn't getting any work. Until now! With a heavy heart, strained vocal cords, and even worse morale, I decided I needed a house call from The Gig Doctor, and boy am I glad I did! This has all happened since the start of December, and while there is still more to do on my gig, I am very grateful for Dane and what he taught me. If you are struggling at all with your results, run, don't walk to the keyboard and book The Gig Doctor!


"Because of Fiverr (and the Gig Doctor!) I may actually be able to quit my part time job soon and be the full household breadwinner"

In-Sook Pearlman

Level Two Seller


After implementing only a portion of the great tips he gave me during our Gig Doctor session late last year in my main VO gig, it has slowly but surely risen up in the results for several of the "biggie" search terms, and turns up on the first page in significantly more search terms than it used to. Once I incorporate the other changes we discussed and update my thumbnail and video as he suggested, I anticipate even better results!

Shawn St. John

stjohnstudios on Fiverr

Level Two Seller

Just finished up my Gig Doctor call with Dane...and it was AMAZINGLY BENEFICIAL. I can't wait to get started with the new info he shared with me about improving my Fiverr game. Would highly recommend to everyone!!!

Colin Ghannam
Level Two Seller
Colevoiceover on Fiverr


"The Gig Doctor actually healed my gig that was sorely in need of major repair!"

"Becky's Best Voiceover"

Level Two Seller

What am I doing wrong?

(and what am I doing right?)

  • Just started on Fiverr and unsure what to do next?

  • Can't seem to get traction with your Fiverr gigs?

  • Wondering why some people show up higher in the search rankings than you do?

  • Unsure how to price your gigs?

Anyone who has ever worked in Fiverr has had these questions, one time or another.  Now it's your turn.  You want to know how you can earn more with Fiverr to provide supplementary income for your family.  Or, you want to go the distance, and make a living on Fiverr.

You've heard that people do it.  You're hearing it right now.  I do it. 


Find out why some people make thousands a month on Fiverr, while others are lucky to only see an order or two. 


Contact me for an inexpensive gig checkup.  I'll look over your gig, check your demo, then schedule a one-on-one consultation over Skype to discuss the following (and more).


Is your demo representing your product in an appealing and compelling way?  Will it make people want to buy your product or service?


How clearly and convincingly do you describe what you do, and does your description contain the "magic words" that will help you to be found and used?

Gig Title

What does your gig's title say, and how will that impact on peoples' interest in your gig, and their ability to find you on Fiverr?


How well does your pricing help you to not only compete with others offering the same services, but to help you to leap ahead in the search engine race?

Expect kind treatment and an earnest effort to give you personalized advice and guidance that will optimize your gig to make a real difference.  Your checkup and diagnosis are just $75...with a money-back guarantee.  Just give my suggestions an earnest try, and  if they don't earn back more (and probably much more) than the $75 you've invested, just ask for your money back and I'll send it to you immediately, with no questions asked, and my very best wishes.

And, expect one...more...thing.

The HeadSlapper Bonus

Occasionally a thought or an idea comes to you that is so perfect, yet so obvious, that you smack the side of your head and say, "how could I have missed that," and "why haven't I been doing that all along?  I've had a few such "inspirations" along those lines that are making extra income in my own gig on Fiverr every single month, and are too good not to share,  Normally I sell them separately for $49.95 each, but as a bonus when you schedule a gig checkup, I'll give you the inside story on a winning technique that'll make you a better and more successful Fiverr seller..  Note:  It's nothing underhanded or in violation of Fiverr's Terms of Service.  It's just a great, great idea!  You'll smack your forehead, guaranteed. :-)

child discovers fiver sales secret
"Dane is fantastic at noticing those small details that add up to a world of change."
Vanessa Marroquin Richardson

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