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The Voiceover Mythbusters Course

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

It's Time to Break Free of Voiceover "Group Think."

In this course, I identify 15 modern myths and urban legends that far too many voiceover people have accepted as established truths, and are following as gospel, but which tend to slow their workflow, cost them unnecessary money,  impede their advancement in the field, and keep them from earning the best income they can for their efforts.

Purists, GET REAL!

Imagine if, after driving safely and successfully for 20 years, or 40, someone told you that, from now on, you need to always wear driving gloves and special treads on your shoes, otherwise you're doing it wrong, and will probably have an accident at any moment.  Would you look at them a little funny?  Yet that's what has happened in the voiceover world.  In a relatively short period of time, a sort of "group think," inspired by a number of purists with an intolerance for alternative viewpoints, has taken hold, and now pervades the information you find in discussion groups, on YouTube, and elsewhere.

In Voiceover Mythbusters, I demonstrate 15 ways you can break free of the herd mentality, and use techniques that allow you to work more quickly, inexpensively, comfortably, and...independently.! 

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  1. Your Ears Aren't Good Enough

  2. You Need to Remove Breaths

  3. You should never make your own demo.

  4. Online platforms are evil.

  5. You should use a pop filter

  6. You should use a shock mount

  7. USB mics are no good for voiceovers

  8. You need to use a "DAW"

  9. "Punch and Roll" is the ideal approach to making corrections.

  10. (many more)

Watch the Trailer!

Here's a trailer that gives you a good overview of what we'll cover in this 90 minute course, and how the ideas in it can be life-changing, not just for newbies, but even for experienced but open-minded voiceover vets!

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(more reviews below)
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$99?  It's a no-brainer!
I money-back guarantee you that the info in this course will not only SAVE you more than $99, they'll earn you more than that too. 


Dane does an excellent job of explaining his processes with Fiverr orders. I have definitely taken some ideas and put them to use. Great job Dane!

Angela Ohlfest


Instructor comes across as a true professional, knowledgeable. Not overly talkative and easy to grasp examples and styles that a beginner probably didn't think of.

Yvette McKenzie


This course was great because there was a lot of no-nonsense advice; exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely take advantage of the review site. Time to put my armor on!

Daniel Marion


Thanks, Dane! What appealed to me about your course was the fact that it prepares learners for professional work as voice over narrators. The voice-over demo is a crucial step in the process of finding work in voice over.

Dennis Lewis

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