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Your Personal Voiceover Launchpad

Personalized Help in Launching Your Voiceover Career

There are things we can learn from classes and courses, but they're designed as "one-size-fits-all"  solutions, and don't directly address each personal situation.  By their very nature, they can't.

Voiceover Launchpad takes a much more personalized approach.  You and I will meet directly for at least an hour over Zoom or Skype and discuss your situation in depth, to help you decide the best way to set yourself up for a successful launch as a voiceover artist. 


Just like the space program, all systems need to be "go" to get a voiceover career off the launchpad.  You and I will discuss your current abilities, and plan a way forward for you that takes into account your current work, family, facility, and financial situation.  You'll get a clear-eyed look at what to expect, and a LOT of insightful information on how to avoid pitfalls and dodge obstacles.

If you're serious enough about voiceovers to want to do things right, right from the start, this $149 hour-long personalized consultation can make all the difference.  You'll come away from the session with information, inspiration and ideas that make sense for your real world situation.

Even if you've already launched, it's not too late to re-set your "trajectory" and get back on target. 


Click the button below or this link to go the order page, and let's do this!


Customizable Content

Things we can discuss any of these during your personalized Voiceover Launchpad consultation:

  1. Relevant background

  2. Baseline your current skills

  3. Identify your "money voice"

  4. What goes into a good voiceover

  5. Acoustics and physical setup

  6. Do I need a "booth?"

  7. Initial equipment

  8. Clever ways to start very economically

  9. Initial expectations

  10. Software and editing

  11. Processing dos and don'ts

  12. Good ways to practice

  13. Getting real world experience

  14. Creating a demo

  15. Initial ways to market yourself

  16. Producing a demo

  17. Pitfalls to look out for

  18. Ways to avoid newbie "jitters"

  19. How to improve over time

  20. Doing live-directed sessions

  21. Addressing your specific questions and concerns

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