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Converting Audio Demos into Video Excitement

Audio Alone is No Longer Enough

Our job as voiceover artists goes beyond providing a good sampler of our voice styles.  We also need to grab and hold interest!  In this highly visual era, there are fewer situations where an audio-only demo is going to get the job done for you. 

You Don't Need to Start From Scratch

If you already have an audio demo, it's not necessary to start all over again with a new demo, to have a video.  Just contact me, provide me with a gig image (if for Fiverr) and your audio, and I'll take it from there, finding the perfect video imagery to turn your plain audio demo into an exciting, engaging video.  Want to talk it over with me first?  Contact me by email, or call 920-672-8244 to leave a message,and I'll call you back to discuss your needs directly. 


Most videos, up to 1:15,  cost just $75!


Dane did such a fabulous job of cutting my reel down to the required length, without losing any of its impact. He was patient, receptive and incredibly open to suggestions to refine the video until I was happy. Thank you so much - fingers crossed it has the desired result!

Nikki MIlls

Order with Confidence.

When you work with, anything you order comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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