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Fiverr GOLD:  Ten Proven Ways to Earn More on Fiverr

Words...That Make a Difference

In the rush to make a buck on Fiverr, it's tempting to shortcut everything.  High-speed tactics do reduce the time spent per dollar earned on existing orders, but they can also cause you to race past opportunities that would not only bring you more new buyers, but also more repeat business.  


In "Ten Proven Ways to Earn More on Fiverr," Dane Scott details ten winning techniques that WILL increase your income and growth on Fiverr.


  1. Catching the eye of joint venture prospects

  2. Getting real results in Buyer Requests

  3. Follow-up message gold mine

  4. Laying out out the red carpet for new buyers

  5. Leveraging early deliveries for increased sales

  6. Doubling the power of five-star reviews

  7. Custom offer tips and tricks

  8.  One simple phrase that'll earn you extra money every month

  9. The "Exception" Method 

  10. A step that puts you ahead of other sellers


10 Tips That'll Help You Build Fiverr Income

"Whether it's a potential Fiverr customer, or a current customer, saying the right thing at the right time can make a BIG difference in your bottom line.  In this course, I show you the techniques I used, to get the results shown in this real bar chart...climbing into the thousands per month in just a few months, and reaching my first $10,000+ month in less than a year. No tricks or gimmicks.  

Just solid, repeatable techniques that will earn you

more money year in and year out."

Dane Scott

I've implemented your gratuity suggestion and I received a tip after every project. Thank you!

- Tim Evans

Video Preview

Fiverr Gold Introduction


Sophie MacLeod

Clear and well explained on the techniques to communicate effectively with your customer base, for repeat business to increase your monthly income.

Harold Lindsey

Yes this course was perfect. I needed to see and hear from someone who is actually earning income on Fiverr

Alden Schoeneberg 

After I implemented the techniques Dane shared in Fiverr Gold Ten Tips, my rating percentage grew from 52% to 70% in just a few weeks!

Sarah Askar

Dane has a such a great friendly way of delivery and the course is a great starting point for aspiring VO artists.



Couldn't have done it without you. Your courses were so intricate concerning how to achieve 5 star. I would have been lost without them. Thank you for your personalized help. Your course is quite brilliant.

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