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Turning Your Radio Skills  Into Voiceover Income

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Taking Advantage of Your Natural Head Start, as Radio Person


Voiceover work has a natural appeal to radio people, and that only makes sense.  The same attractions that drew you and me toward radio are there to be had in the voiceover area.  Once again, we find ourselves behind the mic,  using our voice in creative ways in a performance art (and one that can pay very, very well). 

Because of their experience and natural abilities, radio people have the wind at their backs as they move into doing voiceovers.  In this course, I talk about the inherent benefits we bring to voice acting.  I also describe some of the areas where radio people need to "change their ways" to adapt themselves to VO work.  As someone who spent 20 years in radio, and now over-20 years successfully freelancing, I'll be able to give you solid insights on what it takes to move into this really fun pursuit, and turn it into extra income.

In addition to addressing those things, we'll geek out on gear,  software, home studio setup, and demo creation.  We'll talk about the many ways we can offer our services.  And we'll wrap up with a fun tour of my voiceover studio, which is fully modern, but with many "retro" touches my fellow radio people will enjoy.

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What You'll Learn

  1. Understand how the skills and attributes you've gained in radio will serve you well as a voiceover actor

  2. Learn the areas where radio people often need to adjust and adapt their approach and skillset to voiceover work

  3. Discover the variety of ways you can get voiceover work and market yourself

  4. Hear the straight story on how the right priorities can get you up and running faster and less expensively

  5. Enjoy a discussion of gear, software, and setting up a recording space

  6. We wrap up with a tour of Dane's recording studio, with its "retro radio" touches

Watch the Trailer!

Here's a trailer that gives you a good overview of what we'll cover in this course, and how the ideas in it can be life-changing for anyone who has come out of radio background.

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$99?  It's a no-brainer!
Is it worth a hundred bucks to learn how to start up a well-paying new freelance side hustle, and maybe even go at it full time?  You decide!


Dane does an excellent job of explaining his processes with Fiverr orders. I have definitely taken some ideas and put them to use. Great job Dane!

Angela Ohlfest


Instructor comes across as a true professional, knowledgeable. Not overly talkative and easy to grasp examples and styles that a beginner probably didn't think of.

Yvette McKenzie


This course was great because there was a lot of no-nonsense advice; exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely take advantage of the review site. Time to put my armor on!

Daniel Marion


Thanks, Dane! What appealed to me about your course was the fact that it prepares learners for professional work as voice over narrators. The voice-over demo is a crucial step in the process of finding work in voice over.

Dennis Lewis

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