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I'm calling this one, "Newton's Apple."  Why?  Well...because it landed on my head and had the same three results as the one that hit Newton.


1.  It hurt


The hurt was this:  When the realization about this technique finally "hit me," it dawned on me in a moment that I had wasted thousands of dollars in opportunities on Fiverr since I started a few years ago.  In fact, based on my current increased income of around $400 a month, I could have made upwards of $20,000 in additional income since I started on Fiverr if I had been doing it from the beginning.  Ouch indeed.


2.  It made me think


Just as Newton had thoughts of, shall we say, "significant gravity" when the apple struck him, so did I.  I realized what I needed to do, without fail, going forward, and also that if I didn't share this one out as a HeadSlapper, I'd be treating the people who have put such faith in me very poorly.


3.  It was good to eat


Well, it is if you spend it on groceries, it is, at least.  And at $400 a month, that's a lot of groceries.  Or money toward rent, or health insurance, or home improvements, or retirement.  What would YOU do with another $400 a month?


There's bonus too.  Watch through to the end for an extra HeadSlapper that's good for hundreds a year.


This is SO worth the money.  You'll make more than its cost back, I absolutely guarantee, or your money back.

HeadSlapper 4 - "Newton's Apple"