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Win More Fiverr Orders with This Simple Hack!

It's always exciting when we get a request for a custom quote. For one thing, custom quotes tend to earn us more, often over 50% more, compared with orders placed directly by the buyer. It gives us the opportunity to connect with the buyer and establish an initial rapport. It furnishes us with the chance to upsell additional services. It also helps us avoid the pitfall of having an order placed without required extras like Commercial Rights.

The thing to keep in mind with custom quote requests is that they are seldom sent only to one person. Often the buyer will send to several, sometimes to many. How they choose who they'll use is an important thing to understand.

Their choice of an offer will be made based on several factors, including the quality of the work you've done previously, your demo, your rates, the amount of your quote, and...don't miss this one...HOW FAST you follow up with them. One of my recent customers, who placed a $200 order (and is happy enough with it to commit to another $750 in orders over the next week or so), volunteered the following information to me while we were communicating about the order. "The reason you got the job was that you were the fastest to respond."

Then, There's the OTHER Thing

A fast, courteous reply, a quote given as quickly as you have the necessary facts, an acceptable price, are all important. But there's one other thing, a wonderful little "hack," that can absolutely increase your percentage of closed deals. Here it is:

"Great! Here's your quote. If I hear from you soon, I can have it done as quickly as today, as a thank you for trying my services."

If you have the time to take care of the order right away for the person, and tell them so, you will often jump right over the pawns and take the king. It's exciting for the buyer, and shows you're on their side and willing to do something to really please them. You'll notice in the wording above that I don't say I'm going to do this every time. It's a thank you for being a first time customer. If you do a great job for them, they'll be back, and most people aren't so presumptuous as to expect you're going to do it instantly for them every single time. They get it that it's an incentive to try your services,'s an example from just today:

Four minutes after I used this "hack," I had the order. Anything like this is only effective a certain percentage of the time, but everything about Fiverr is on the percentage. The more ways you can find to increase your odds at every stage of every transaction, the more successful, and profitable, you will be!

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