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Will a Vacation "DEEP-SIX" Your Fiverr Gig?

We've all heard horror stories about people who have taken a break from Fiverr, and come back to disaster! So was I crazy to attempt it during the week between Christmas and New Year's? And how did it turn out? Did I return to the mainland from my little Christmas island junket, to find a desolated wasteland? Well, I promised I'd report back after I took my experimental seven-days away and tell you how things went with Fiverr, so here we go.

As I mentioned earlier, I planned for, and took, a full seven days "nearly completely off" from Fiverr, to clear my head, relax a little, have a break from the every-waking-moment-level attention I'd been giving to Fiverr customers, and also to see just how doable such a thing actually is.

Wreckless? Thoughtless? Heedless? Yeah, maybe. But then, I'm kinda bold and fearless. I walk under ladders, go outdoors on Friday the 13th, the works. So I thought I'd give it a try.

As often as I've been warned against turning on "Vacation Mode," I avoided that like the plague. That really does appear to have bad consequences. So instead, I did all of the following:

1. I sent out notices to all my regular and most important customers in advance, telling them of my plans, and urging them to hurry and submit anything they'd need in the next week or so, so I could get it done in advance for them,

2. I put a top-of-the-gig-description notice on all my gigs, indicating the dates I'd be gone,

3. On the eve of my vacation, I set delivery time on all my gigs to 8 days.

The heads up messages I sent to clients were met with gratitude. Two actually wrote to let me know how much they appreciated my letting them know. The suggestion that they should get their orders in soon if they wanted them before I left resulted in some last minute orders I was able to rap out for them prior to going AWOL.

By the way, I did mention in my alert messages to best buyers that I'd come out of hiding to do a job if they wanted to pay me a holiday bonus to do it, but nobody took me up on that. If anything, I think that just put the exclamation mark on my week-long "declaration of independence."

My plan, which I pretty much stuck to during the vacation days, was to check once a day for anything urgent. When checking, I saw and answered a few requests for custom offers. When doing so, I explained that I was on vacation, and that there would be a delay in delivery. Everybody seemed cool about it. It didn't cause a problem for anyone. There were also a couple times during the week when someone placed an order right from one of my gigs, and I felt no pangs of conscience about just letting them sit there in the queue until I was officially back. After all, I had laid it all out clearly in my gig description and with the clear 7 day delivery time.

I had something else playing in my favor. It's a fact that things get pretty quiet right around the holidays, so the nature of things kept the number of requests down to a dull roar. Choosing to take my vacation then certainly simplified things.

As I headed into this hazardous adventure, there's one thing I could only speculate about, and that was whether my little holiday maneuver would affect orders once I got back behind the mic in early January. Well today is January 5th, which is actually only the second weekday of the new year, and I'm pleased to report that nothing bad has occurred. My impressions stayed up in search results, and now that life is returning to business-normal for people, the orders are coming in pretty much same as they were before I began my experiment. Presently there are seven active orders worth a total of $900, sitting in my queue.

So no tolling of the iron bell. Everything's fine. Not only that, but the extra income brought in by my HeadSlapper 4 technique, which I continue to tally in our Facebook group, has risen by another $200 since the first of the year.

Conclusion? Yes, it actually IS possible to extend your delivery times and take a vacation. I may even do it again sometime!

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