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Why You Need Slapping...

"It Ain't Rocket Science. You're Missing Out on Important Market!"

First, let me say this: I really look on all you guys as friends. I have had such nice associations with you all. So when I talk about slapping you around, I hope you know it's all in fun. And I think those who have worked with me through my voiceover coaching and Gig Doctor services will testify as to my honesty and earnest desire to help. That's never been more true than with this HeadSlapper deal I'm doing right now. Please take a moment to read the last of my little min-series...

Here's the last of my articles on why you really need to get on board with this HeadSlapper thing, while it's half price. It will absolutely pay for itself...and here's another reason, and probably the best reason, why...

HeadSlapper 4, the one I call "Newton's Apple," dropped on my head one day like the legendary, gravity compelled object that conked Isaac Newton on the bean many years ago. I tried it, and it not only worked, but has continued to do so. In fact, as of this morning, I've earned an extra $1,700 in three months by adding a simple new little touch to what I'm already doing on Fiverr. It leverages a little-known, poorly-understood fact about the way your work is used. And believe me, it ain't rocket science (or even Newtonian physics). To put it very simply, it's just something most people don't realize they can charge for, but that people are readily willing to pay for (and pay WELL for).

Newton's Apple is worth the cost of admission all by itself, but the other HeadSlappers in the Holiday Bundle, each of which address other other things we should all be doing on Fiverr to increase our income, are each also more than worth the money involved. Altogether, this package of four videos will absolutely earn you more than they cost, guaranteed. if you can't earn more than you spend on this, just ask for your $99.95 back and you'll get it instantly. No foolin' gang. I'm totally on your side in this thing.

Consider this as a Christmas present you're giving to yourself and any family you have...because in the year to come, it will help you to pay the bills, heat the house and put food on the table.

There...I've said what I can. I think you can see how convinced I am that the HeadSlapper video bundle can help you. Hurry over right now, today, and get this done while you still can get it for half price. The price will return to normal, with no further time extension, at midnight Christmas Eve. As soon as I hear from you, I'll send over your videos right away. After watching, please don't hesitate to write with any followup questions I can help personally answer. The whole idea is to help you succeed!

And have a very happy and prosperous 2021!

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