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Why "Yes, but..." can often be a great way to compromise

When we work on Fiverr, sometimes it feels like we're in a bazaar, with people coming up to our kiosk and waving in our faces. That's especially true in the beginning, when we're priced the lowest and are dealing with a lot of buyers in third world countries. It's not always easy to take, especially if you've worked for a lot more money elsewhere.

So when we're already selling at what feels like a low price, and a buyer asks for a discount, or a favor, it can feel like a slap in the face, and also a bit of a dilemma, if we're still new on Fiverr and are primarily focused on getting established and building up our numbers and social proof.

It's a quandary. We don't want to be inhospitable, but at the same time, we don't want to leave the buyer with the impression that we're a pushover either...because that sets a precedent with them that we definitely do NOT want to establish. But if we explain what our normal price and policy are, and then give them a one-time exception, the result is that we demonstrate to them we're reasonable, and considerate of their feelings and needs, and that we are making an effort to help them out.

I find it's a good idea to give a legitimate reason for your making an exception, such as their being a first time customer, or a great long term customer. It helps to justify the exception you've made. The end result is, much more often than not, the buyer feels gratitude for the exception you've made, rather than feeling a sense of entitlement that will make them demand the same favor in the future.

I'll often phrase my response to requests for discounts or special favors along these lines: "Normally not, though I understand your special budget situation with this order and will help you out by giving you the discount you need this time. Next time, we can work at my normal rate. Fair enough?"

Bargaining kindly, but from a position of strength, gives the buyer respect for you, provides them with a feeling of relief that they will be able to get the job done within the budget they hoped for, and sets you up for future work with them at your normal rates.

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