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Why am I Missing the Fiverr Bullseye?

To understand what's happening on Fiverr, you need to do a little digging. I find it fun and interesting to do incognito searches, find gigs that are performing well, and then dissect them and see what makes them tick. Sometimes the reasons they are showing up well in search are obvious, and sometimes it's surprising they're showing up at all. But over time, patterns emerge, and you begin to learn what works. As you do, you naturally find yourself looking for ways to emulate their success by adopting similar (no, not cloned) approaches.

During one of my deep dives into a gig that showed up relatively high in the search rankings, I found myself puzzling over something. The gig's image bragged of over 50,000 gig orders. Just amazing! 50,000! But then I noticed something else. Even after that many orders, this person was still a Level Two Seller, not a Top Rated Seller. "Good heavens, how is that possible?" I asked myself. I looked around and saw nothing unusual about the way the gig was structured. I did see that the starting price was $10, and it may be that the seller gets a lot of smaller orders, so the average price per sale is low. That could be it, since that seems to be a factor in getting promoted to "TRS."

But then I noticed something else. This person was getting some bad reviews. Specifically, the seller was disappointing people by letting things go, and by being slow to answer and resolve problems. So among what were generally very positive reviews from people who liked what they received, there were a concerning number of negatives. For want of a better answer, I suspect it was these disappointed buyers that were keeping the seller from hitting the TRS bullseye.

It just can't be stressed enough how important customer service and good communication are, in growing your client base and improving your reputation and status on Fiverr. You can have a great gig image and a terrific demo, but if you're slow to respond to customers' inquiries and don't rapidly address any issues they bring up, you WILL miss the bullseye.

Communication is so important that it was the subject of the very first course I created, called "Words that Make a Difference,...Ten Proven Ways to Earn More on Fiverr." I strongly recommend it to anyone who isn't content with hitting the outer rings of the dartboard!

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