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What to do if a Buyer Changes What They Want After You Deliver

If a Fiverr buyer changes their specifications after you've already completed their project, that shouldn't, in my opinion, be covered under a free style revision if you offer such a thing. Instead, we should offer them an extra to cover it. As an example, today, one of my voiceover clients sent me a message after I had delivered, saying they wanted to change their copy.

Here was my reply:

"If you would like to make some copy changes, please resubmit the script, indicating the changes by highlighting them. I'll then determine the scope of what needs to be done, and send you a reasonable quote to get it done."

It's also possible to have a paid revision extra pre-set-up in your gig to cover this, but depending on the size of the job, that may not begin to cover the work required for the revamp they are requesting. So I recommend something more personalized, along the lines I mentioned.

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