What Should My Fiverr FAQ Look Like?

Updated: Sep 9

An important, but sometimes overlooked or neglected part of Fiverr gigs are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), an optional feature located under the Description tab in gig setup. Here's why they're important, and what you can do to make the best use of them.

A great place to fill in the blanks.

The crucial "Description" part of your gig is a 1200 characters long. Depending on the type of gig you offer, and the pitch you need to make, it is scarcely enough room to sell people on what you're offering, to say nothing about going into detail. For many sellers, it can leave them feeling not only helpless to fully make their case, but also vulnerable, because there are important things that have been left unsaid. FAQ lets you give you a chance to share more detail, and...

  1. Clarify and expand on what you offer

  2. Describe your qualifications in more detail

  3. Mention things you didn't have room for in the description

  4. Explain your extras, and how/when they apply

  5. Address possible sales objections and misgivings

  6. Clear up potential misunderstandings about what you do and don't offer

  7. Discourage and head-off potentially trouble-making buyers

  8. Be able to show evidence to buyers, who later say they "didn't know" / "weren't told"

Because FAQs are sometimes used to fend off potential problems with buyers, and that's a legitimate use of them...but watch the wording. It can tend to sound a little stout, stern, and confrontational. That's a bear trap. If your FAQs have a completely different tone than your main description, it may feel a little like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" to buyers, who ask themselves, "which of these is the real person?" (concluding that the real one is probably more like the harsher one they see in the FAQ).

Let me talk about my own case a little. In addition to website, I have begun offering my Gig Doctor checkup services on Fiverr. There, based on the questions people asked when inquiring, and on some of my initial experiences with buyers, I quickly discovered some things I felt needed to be clarified and expressed in advance. However, due to space limitations, I couldn't possibly fit it all in the Description area, nor would some of it have been appropriate for the Description. Let me share them here, in case they're helpful as thought/idea starters. Note that they cover some of the same categories I mentioned in my six-point bullet list above.

Here are my own Frequently Asked Questions here (as of Sep. 7 2021).


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