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What-all is Counted as "Clicks" on Fiverr?

In one of my Fiverr Facebook groups, a member asked an excellent question. When Fiverr talks about clicks, what do they really mean? Does it count times people have clicked on my demo, times people have clicked on my thumbnail image and gone to my gig, or both? The answer is, it depends. Don't you love when people answer things like that. But that's kind of like life itself. A lot of answers kind of "depend."

Let me set this up a little, for people who are just getting started out on Fiverr. You get to your gig performance information by clicking the Gigs link near the top of the page. If you don't see it, you're either in Seller mode, in which case you need to switch to Buyer Mode in the upper right first, or if you're in Buyer mode and you still don't see it, you need to make your web page a little wider. Yes, you do need to do this on a computer, not your phone.

Once you see the Gigs link, click on it and you'll see a list of all your gigs. Alright, now as you scroll down, you'll see some columns there. There's Impressions, Clicks, Orders, Cancellations, and Subscriptions. Impressions indicates how many times your gig thumbnail has shown up in a search page when a buyer was looking for a service like yours. It doesn't indicate whether they actually LOOKED at your gig, but it does mean you showed up on a page they were looking at. Getting noticed on the page is the job of your gig image, so if you're getting found but not clicked on, that's one important thing you may need to look at trying to improve.

Anyway, the second column there is Clicks, and that's our focus right now. The number of clicks we see there indicate people who took enough interest in you to actually click, or if they are on their phone, tap, to get more information. But what shape does that take? There are actually two different actions that could be considered clicks. One would be if they clicked to watch or listen to your demo video while still on the search page. That would involve their hitting the little play button in the corner. The other click action, where they essentially click on any other part of the gig image, or on the title text below the gig image, takes them off the search page and over to your specific gig listing, which is a very good thing, because now they're just looking at you, and not umpteen others!

So what does the CLICKS statistic on your gigs page represent? Demo clicks, click-throughs that take them to your gig, or both?

The answer is, Fiverr is just counting click-throughs in the number you see. Clicks on your demo are NOT added to your click count. Unfortunately, there is no metric that tells us how many clicked on our demo. It'd be handy to know that, so we could see the what percentage of people who watched the demo took the next step and visited our gigs.

Does that mean Fiverr doesn't keep track of demo clicks? No it doesn't! They know, they're just not telling us on the Gigs page. Why do they bother to track clicks on video demo play buttons? Because it benefits them financially. Fiverr adds together both demo clicks and click-throughs to your gigs, when calculating how much to charge sellers who are involved in their promoted gigs service. That's a buy-in service where Fiverr gives your gigs extra promotion in exchange for a fee paid per click. In our own statistics, demo clicks aren't indicated or counted in, but Fiverr does add them-in when it comes to charging per click for promoted gigs. And that's the difference.

Short answer: In a practical sense, the clicks you see on your Gigs page are indeed strictly an indicator of how many people actually visited your gig page. And that settles that.

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