The Three Stepping Stones to Success on Fiverr

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I won't waste your time with a lot of preamble on this one. Let me get right down to it. There are three steps buyers take on their way to choosing a seller on Fiverr. Anyone who understands what those steps are will be able to "pave the way" to their gig being chosen by the seller. The buyer nearly always proceeds down the seller path in exactly the same way:

  1. They search for a seller based on what they need done

  2. They take an interest in a few of the sellers who come up in the search

  3. They select one of them to do the job

Correspondingly, then, a successful seller will be someone who excels at:

  1. Being found by the seller

  2. Catching the seller's eye

  3. Capturing the seller's imagination

The three steps are sequential, and none can be missed. If you master all three, you'll succeed on Fiverr. If you master fewer than three, you'll struggle. It's that simple. When people start out on Fiverr, they may do one of those well, possibly two, but few do all three well. In fact, it's probably safe to say that the vast majority of sellers never succeed at all three, or even realize that they must...which is why most Fiverr sellers have only a few sales to their credit. For that reason, anyone who "gets it" and conquers the three steps will have an immediate advantage over most of the other sellers on Fiverr. Let's take the steps one at a time.

1. Being Found

Before anything else can happen, you MUST be found on Fiverr. (meaning, you show up very high, ideally in the first page of results, in Fiverr's search engine). That can seem like a daunting task, since there are literally millions of buyers, and sellers. And that's why it's so important to identify your service in a "nichey" way. I am a voiceover person, but I'm also a male, with a baritone voice, and x number of years of experience, and x many previous sales / 5 star reviews and x many gig likes, and who shares his gig to social media, and who sells at a certain price point (also a factor in on search results), and who understands how crucial gig wording and structure is to being found.

Of the three steps we'll talk about today, the "being found" part is the most intricate, and to a certain degree the most mysterious, especially to newcomers, But after years on the platform, I've learned a lot through just trial and error and observation, and at this point, I have a good amount of it figured out; at least, enough to be effective. That's one of my main roles as The Gig Doctor, in fact: helping Fiverr sellers "get found." Because this is such a diverse subject, I won't attempt to get into it in detail here, but rest assured, there's no magic involved. If you know the right things to do, you CAN be found.

2, Catching the Seller's Eye

Here's an area where the majority of inexperienced sellers really fall down. Let's assume you succeed in being found. Out of thousands who offer something similar, and perhaps hundreds who offer something extremely similar, you're showing up on page one! Bravo! But of course, you're not alone. You're accompanied by a long scrolling page of other sellers. How do you stand out? How do you grab their attention? How do you shout, "look I am!" to the potential buyer? That's where your gig image comes in.