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The "Doctor" is in!

Welcome to The Gig Doctor...and here's my first blog post to the new site!

The purpose of the site is to make my services available to you to analyze your Fiverr gigs and provide what I hope will be helpful and profitable suggestions to improve what you're doing, how you're doing it, and as a result, increase traffic and sales on your gigs. In addition, I'm offering some helpful videos I've produced, also to help you along.

I want you to know that, while I am selling services and resources on here, I'm also a friend, and am totally in your corner. Please never hesitate to e-mail or call to talk over your situation, hopes, joys, frustrations, etc., related to your Fiverr experience, and I promise to give a sympathetic ear and do what I can to help.

Here in this blog, I'll share my own experiences, things I've discovered, and hopefully some useful tips, so please subscribe, and let's keep in touch!

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