The Dangers of Ongoing Fiverr Success

There are many, many thousands of people who want to do great on Fiverr. It's a platform that, despite its name, can actually make people millions of dollars over time. I will reach the million dollar target eventually. But becoming successful on Fiverr isn't without its hazards and pitfalls, and I'd like to do one Healthy Gig blog on that subject.

"Yeah right...I should have your problems."

Now if you're still scrambling up the rocky slope on Fiverr, you may view this article with a jaded eye, but try to keep it in mind for the future. If you do start to get popular on Fiverr, you may find your life, and even your lifestyle, changing in ways you weren't expecting. Some of the changes can be viewed as good:

  1. Significant new income

  2. Lifestyle improvements

  3. Self esteem boost

  4. Nicer clientele

But at the same time, you may also discover a few negatives you will probably encounter:

  1. Higher pressure and resultant stress

  2. Higher stakes orders

  3. Never feeling you're free (orders coming day/night/weekends)

  4. Difficulty getting away, taking vacations, having a break

It's the latter four things I'd like to address here.

Don't get the wrong idea...

First, let me say I'm not mentioning these things to discourage you from succeeding on Fiverr. They're just to prepare you a little.

What prompted me to write this article was a feeling I had this past weekend, when I had a special desire to relax and take a break. I had gotten fairly caught up on everything before the weekend, and needed a little peace and quiet. Then, just before the weekend, I got a $1400 audiobook order, and during the weekend there rolled in a bunch of other work, including a rush order. The latter was just a two line voiceover, and paid $100, so I wouldn't exactly call it a hardship, but it came in last night while I was trying to kick back and relax for awhile.

Facing the facts...

The fact is, that Fiverr's very nature means you're getting orders at all hours from every time zone on earth...on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. What's Christmas or Easter to a Buyer in India? What's Sunday to a Buyer in Jerusalem? Once your Fiverr balloon climbs high enough, you'll start seeing orders with increasing frequency, and without regard to your own personal convenience.

Things you can do...

In order to maintain your equilibrium, consider doing the following:

  1. Consider your own capacity is for workload and time consumption. If you're like me, self-employed and very much an at-home kind of guy, a steady, heavy stream of orders isn't a great burden, and indeed, my current work load is less than a half day, because of how I have things structured. I'll talk about that below. But if you are easily stressed out, have a growing family, a full time job you're just supplementing with Fiverr, or have other obligations that can't be ignored, you'll need to find ways to keep Fiverr from becoming too "life-engulfing."

  2. Limit the orders you take. Certain combustion engines have something on them called a "governor" that prevents them from revving too fast and exploding. You can actually put a governor that limits how many orders your gig can take to a specified maximum. I have not had to do that yet, and am not inclined to, because turning away work is too personally "galling" to me. But it's an option.

  3. Increase your delivery time. This option has its perils as a long term solution, I think, but it can be a stopgap measure at least. Unless your goal is to discourage people from ordering from you, increasing delivery time only postpones the