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The Clear Benefits of Fiverr Shared Links

I recently did a video where I mentioned some things you can do when times are slow on Fiverr. Well one of those is actually a good idea all the time, slow or not...and that's sharing social links.

What are they? Fiverr gives us a cool option that lets us share a special link to our gig that has coded information in it. If we spread that link around in social media, our websites, emails, wherever, and people click on it and follow it to our gig, Fiverr notices what we're doing, and gives us brownie points for it. That not only increases our chances of getting more work, but Fiverr is more likely to advance us in search due to our efforts, which will mean more eyes on our gig, and even more work.

I did that when I launched the Gig Doctor Fiverr gig, and I credit that with helping it really take off! I'm now getting over 60,000 impressions a month on just that one gig, and I credit a big part of that to the head start boost I got in search because of the links I shared in social media.

Consider also, tying the shared link to some sort of special deal, too. Maybe tell people if they visit the gig and contact you through it, you'll give them a half-off discount on their first order, or a free second order, something like that. What matters isn't so much what you make on that one gig, but the benefit you're getting by showing Fiverr you can bring work in from the outside.

There's so much you and I can do together to improve your gig's performance. Schedule your Gig Doctor appointment by hitting the Gig Checkup link at the top of this page for an inexpensive personalized checkup and consultation!

For those of you who do voiceovers, or who are interested in entering that fun profession, I can help there too. Check out my voiceover coaching services.

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