Staying Sane on Fiverr: Call the Cops!

Confession time: I've been doing it wrong...for years...only because I didn't realize the options that were open to me. This week in the Fit Gig Blog, I'll explain what I've been doing wrong, and how a seldom-followed procedure can help keep us both a little saner, and our gigs a little healthier.

The Dilemma

OK, let's set the scene: You receive a new Fiverr order,. It's due in 24 hours, so you wisely open and read through the order very soon after receiving it, to make sure you have everything you need. Alas, you don't. Your buyer has left out a crucial piece of information, and without it, there's no way you can fulfill the order. Making matters worse, they've seemingly evaporated, and multiple messages seeking the info have failed. Time goes by. 18 of the 24 hours are gone, and you can see a bad moon rising. Given the time zone difference between you and your buyer, the odds have become very poor they'll respond in time to conclude the order.

You think back to the last time this thing happened, and how you waited in despair while the clock ticked down, down, down. Ultimately, you visited the order, and lo, there was the dreaded "Oh dear" scold message from Fiverr about the repercussions of being late. For years, I've dodged this fate by delivering what I could before the clock ran out...which in some cases was nothing more than a message saying the gig was running down and I had to do this to "stop the clock." I then asked them to request revision, respond to my need for information, and then we could get it wrapped up. This, by the way, is a no-no, but I really didn't know what else to do.

Well, today it bit me in the butt. The customer, who had been completely uncommunicative to me, managed to find their tongue when it came to communicating with Customer Service, which in turn sent me their dire warning not to let this sort of thing happen again,

The Dialogue

Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, and knowing I couldn't be the only one who experienced this sort of thing, I decided to bring my case to Customer Service and ask for some definitive answers and advice on the subject. I'm going to give you the ENTIRE dialogue between us, because it has a bit of a ground-breaking feel to it, at least to me.




"I received a warning this morning about delivering a partial order, and am puzzled what I should have done instead. It was a case where it was impossible to deliver more because the customer hadn't gotten back to me with information that was necessary to complete the order. I'll follow your lead on this. In a case like this, should I just let the order go into late status and take a hit to my statistics?

"The problem is that if I let the order become late, I'm warned by Fiverr for being late...but if I deliver whatever I can, I'm warned by Fiverr for giving the buyer the most I'm capable of delivering. So please just let me know how I should handle situations like that, and I'll do whatever you guys would prefer me to do."