Start Gig Tracking on Fiverr With This Free Tool

My son and I are both fans of the TV show, "Monk," probably because we can both somewhat relate to his foibles. On one episode, a character made a statement that I liked quite a bit: "The more you know, the less you don't know." That little euphemism works VERY WELL in a conversation about Fiverr. Today, I'll share a simple way for you to know more about your current situation on Fiverr, and what you can do to improve it.

Nothing Happens Without a Reason

One of the traps we can fall into on Fiverr is in not knowing where we stand. So often I hear people say, "I'm not getting orders," but that's all they know about it. If you're not getting orders, there are reasons. Always! I'm going to help you find the reasons with a free tool and some simple instructions.

Fiverr provides us with a valuable resource on our Gigs page. Go there, and you'll see single-line listings of each of your gigs. Direct your glance over to the single number under the heading, "Impressions." You'll see a figure there that represents how many people have actually seen your listing when they've done a search. That's what they mean by "impressions." For each impression, your gig will have shown up on a page of results along with others, seen by a searcher. That's important, because without eyeballs on your gig, there will be very little chance of your getting orders unless you chase them down in Buyer Requests. Impressions are where it's at. The more people see what you offer, the more potential sales you can make.

Change the little dropdown in the upper right corner to "7 days" so you're seeing how often your gig has appeared in a buyer's search results in the past week. We'll use that as our reference time frame. So what does your number look like? Is it 0? If so, there is a serious problem and you need to check with Fiverr Customer Service. Ask them if some problem in your gig is keeping you from appearing in search at all. If you see a number higher than 0, you're at least on a few people's radar in search. A well-performing gig should be getting into the thousands of impressions per week, and more is always better.

Alright, we've probably already identified a big part of your problem, haven't we? If your impressions aren't in the thousands per week, you're not showing up enough in search.

OK, stop right there. This is NOT a time for despondency. Poor search results is a SOLVABLE PROBLEM.

Introducing GigTracker

I created a simple spreadsheet that allows you to track their gig impressions from week to week, as well as recording what you have most-recently tried, to improve them. Let's have a quick look at it...

Download the file at the file below. It's a secure link and an xlsx style spreadsheet.