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Promoted Gigs...Which to Promote??

I'll admit that, when the "Promoted Gigs" option was initially introduced by Fiverr, I was a little leery. The idea behind it is that Fiverr gives an extra boost to the gigs of people who pay them money for the privilege (to the tune of a user-specified maximum amount spent per click). At first, it seemed to me like an unfair advantage for those who participated, or worse, maybe nothing more than a money-maker for Fiverr that wouldn't result in any special benefit to its participants. At this point, though, I'm fairly won -over to the idea.

If we accept the statistics Fiverr shows concerning the money invested in Promoted Gigs, there's up to a tenfold benefit to those paid-for additional clicks on our gig. How many of those clicks might have happened anyway, without the gig having been promoted, is anybody's guess. That said, I think in the long run, there's advantage to being in the program that exceeds what it costs.

What to Avoid Doing

When I joined the program, I included, pretty much equally, any of my gigs Fiverr allowed me to promote. On most of them I saw sales figures that were generally hi9her than what I was putting into promoting them. But it also occurred to me that some gigs need that extra push far less than others do.

The Disney Gig (click to see it)

Here's an offering I had been including in Promoted Gigs, until I thought more about it, and realized it was not a good candidate.

My Disney Magic voiceover gig is highly specialized, and it is mainly being sought by people who specifically WANT a Disney style announcer. That's what they are going to find me with. And, they ARE finding me. My gig normally shows up in the top row or two on the front page, and is also nearly always tagged as "Fiverr's Choice." Why would I waste money promoting it? It's right in peoples' faces already! Once that dawned on me, I unticked the box for my Disney gig. No need to put any of my eggs in that basket. I've done the same for any other gigs that readily come up in the searches where I expect people to be looking for them.

On the other hand, this is my "workhorse gig." It's a general purpose "deep voiceover" gig that is useful to more people on a day-to-day basis. It faces steep competition from thousands of people who are all offering something similar. It's my "bread-and-butter" gig, so to speak. THIS one I promote as heavily as Fiverr will let me, because I need that added advantage to hold out against the competition.

If you have gigs that are highly specialized, and which seem to come up fairly easily in search because there are fewer people offering that specialty, you probably don't need to include them among your promoted gigs. The focus should be on gigs where you are in heavier competition. General voiceover narration. Logo design. Video editing. In those types of categories, it's good to ply every advantage you can think of!

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