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Overcoming the "Fiverr Jinx"

"It's been ages since I've seen any real action on Fiverr. I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

I hear that so, so much...and usually there's a certain "I feel jinxed" tone to if what they're really saying is, "It wouldn't matter what I did, I still wouldn't be able to move the needle very much on Fiverr." Months of meager results have convinced them the deck is somehow stacked against them, and there's just no way we're ever going to get ahead on the platform.

Now...what you'd like me to say at the juncture is, "that is absolutely false!" And indeed, I almost did say it. But then, I stopped myself and will give a slightly edited response: "That is absolutely false if you have something of true value to offer."

Product has to come first. Let's face it. If you stink at doing something, it won't matter how well you market it. You'll flop if you try to offer it for sale, on Fiverr or anyplace else. If you're fair-to-mediocre at it, maybe you'll make a few sales here and there, at a low price point. If you've developed your skill to the point where it's better than average, your odds of success go up dramatically...and if you truly excel and stand out from the can do fantastically on Fiverr. But read on...

Product quality is only one leg of the three-legged stool. As I talk about in my courses, the other two crucial legs are promotion and communication. Promotion involves the structure of your Fiverr gig listing and your demo, and the things you do to help get it found and visited. Communication is the way you turn one-time customers into fans who have you on a pedestal...because you have put them on one.

No, you are not jinxed. Put away the magical thinking and negativity, which are just getting in your way. Instead, get all three legs of the stool working for you, and you WILL succeed on Fiverr. I went from around $80 in sales my first month, then to hundreds, then thousands, then to $10,000+. That's a big leap for the starter guy who thought he'd never have a chance to ever play with the big dogs on the front page. Let me assure you...if you have the ability to provide something of value, the rest can ALL be made to happen. Contact me for a Gig Doctor Checkup, and I'll tell you everything you need to do.

Find out what you can do, LEGITIMATELY, to get ahead on Fiverr. Please hit the Gig Checkup link so we can set up an inexpensive personal consultation and discuss ways to optimize your gig for increased traffic and sales!

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