One Last Piece of Gum

Once, as a kid, I was given a whole pack of gum, and was so excited to have it that I decided to try chewing the whole pack at once. I poked one stick of gum into my mouth after another, and pretty soon my mouth was so full and the burden of chewing it was so great that I knew I had overdone it. That's how my freelance life gets sometimes. So many areas are fun and interesting to me that it's hard to limit myself. But I think I have just poked in the last piece of gum I'm going to add...for awhile anyway.

Before I introduce my "last piece of gum," let's take an inventory of what I'm already chewing...

Taking Inventory

There are the Facebook groups:

Fiverr and UpWork Voiceover Lounge

Rate My Voiceover

The Gig Doctor

Fiverr VO Enclave (private group)

There are the Facebook pages:

The Coach (voiceover coaching)

Fiverr Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Fiverr Gold Webinars

There are the websites: (my coaching and gig consultation site) (my voiceover website) (my radio automation system)

There's Fiverr and Upwork:


And there are the media:

This "The Fit Gig" Blog

The "Studio Takes" YouTube channel

The Final Stick