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Offering Extras AFTER an Order on Fiverr???

Fiverr gives us the chance to add ala carte items called "extras" to our orders, but sometimes buyers need a little cajoling to accept them. Is it too late for that after the order is already delivered?

Here's an example. Suppose the buyer ordered from you, but neglected to include an extra you require. You sent them the extra, but didn’t hear back from them, maybe because they were simply busy. You didn’t want to upset the apple cart just because of that one extra, especially if it was a pretty good order, so you went ahead and delivered. Does the extra just become an “oh well,” shoulder-shrug at that point?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be. Fiverr has wisely left open the possibility of adding a new extra, or their still accepting an already offered extra, even after the order has been delivered, but before the three day acceptance waiting period has happened. So there’s nothing wrong with saying, in your delivery message.

By doing that, you’ve shown your goodwill with the buyer, while also reminding them that the extras you offer aren’t just a suggestion, they’re required. Even if they don’t accept it this time, the odds are they’ll anticipate the extra on the next order. But there is indeed still time, and the possibility, of their accepting the extra even during this present order, even though you have already hit deliver.

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