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New Freebee Really LIGHTS UP Fiverr Stats

My free GigTracker spreadsheet now has a new feature I think people will find really useful, because it turns Fiverr's gig statistics into more useful information. The new version I just uploaded, which is completely free for anyone (I'll be including a link), adds an "Orders" column, and also displays, as a percentage, the number of clicks-to-impressions, and the orders-to-clicks.

"Why Should I Care?"

"Impressions" could be considered the MOST important metric, because it tells us how often our gig has been presented to a potential buyer on a search page, but it's only the start of the journey. We can be presented to a zillion people, but if nobody takes any interest in our listing, we won't be any farther ahead. After showing up, we need to be noticed. That's the gig image's job.

Next is "Clicks." If buyers notice our gig image and stop to investigate us, we then need get them to click over and actually visit our gig. The pricing they see on the search listing, and our reputation, and if we have one, our video demo playable on the search page, all help with that.

And then of course, we get to the ultimate goal, which is "Orders." We seal the deal on that with the info on our gig page, and by communicating well with them when they send us messages and ask us about our services.

Alright, so those are the three metrics Fiverr gives us on our Gigs page. Impressions, Clicks, and Orders. But if you're like me, your eyes tend to glaze over a little when you look at them. Sure, they're going to tell us *something*. When we put a new set of numbers into the GigTracker spreadsheet, and compare them to a previous month, for example, we'll be able to see that our impressions have gone up or down, that our clicks have increased or decreased since last time, that our orders are on the rise, or maybe the opposite. But the relationship of one thing to the other is a lot harder to picture. If I've gotten, say, 9,412 impressions in the past month, and 128 clicks, and 6 orders, am I doing well or poorly? If I get a completely different set of numbers, where maybe I got a few more orders, but the number of times I showed up in search is lots higher, how effective was I really in catching peoples' attention and enticing them to order from me? It's hard because it's all just...numbers!

What the new feature in GigTracker does is to show us our performance in a way we can sink our teeth into. Now, it compares the number of impressions to the number of clicks they resulted in, and shows that as a percentage. We could maybe call that the "percentage of captured interest." Then, GigTracker also looks at the number of people who clicked through to our gig who actually ordered from us, and shows that as a percentage. That's traditionally called the "conversion rate."

The problem, up until now, has been that the

information on our Fiverr Gigs page is just expressed in raw numbers, which makes it a little hard to picture. Is 128 clicks from 9412 impressions good, or is it bad. Is six orders from 128 clicks an acceptable conversion rate, or isn't it?

Seeing percentages suddenly take a lot of the slipperiness and mystery out of the numbers. In the example I mentioned, the percentage of clicks from impressions is kinda low...a little over 1%. But from those who clicked and viewed our gig in the example, the conversion rate, the number of people who actually ordered once they visited the gig, is pretty decent...about 4%.

Most useful of all, you can track the percentages over time. Each time you update your spreadsheet from Fiverr's gig statistics, GigTracker will show you your new percentages, so you can compare them against how you've done in the previous few entries. Having that long-run view gives you trend information that can help you make decisions about your gig image, your pricing, your keywords, every aspect of your gig. And because you can add multiple gigs to the spreadsheet, you can track them all in there.

GigTracker is free resource, so feel free to grab it!

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