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Max Yourself Out on Fiverr

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In our lives, we're blessed with certain natural gifts. On Fiverr, we're blessed with a certain number of gigs. Try to expand the first out to meet the second!

I was looking over my current list of orders on Fiverr, and was struck by the fact that they weren't all on the same gig. In fact, the first four current orders in the list were actually all on different gigs. It was a good "re-reminder" to myself that on Fiverr, there's a real benefit to using as many of the gigs they offer us as we can.

I should explain for newer Fiverr folks that a gig is a listing, offering our services. Every seller is given the option to offer more than one. Each gig can offer a different service, They don't all need to be in the same category either. If you're both a writer and a narrator, you can list gigs in both of those categories. Even within a category, there's lots of elbow room to list different gigs. If you are skilled at writing, you could have a gig for writing blogs, a second one for doing corporate documents, and a third for penning song lyrics. So you can branch into offering multiple gigs in a category, and more gigs in other categories.

The number of gigs we're allowed to offer varies depending on your seller level., As of right now, when we first start out on Fiverr, we're given 7 gigs. That increases to 10 gigs when we reach Level One seller status, climbs to 20 gigs at Level Two, and skyrockets to 30 gigs at Level Three. That's a lotta gigs! How many of those you're able populate with services is going to depend, in part, on your skillset, though in larger part on your imagination.


What I try to always mention to my Gig Doctor "patients" when we meet to optimize their gigs is that they stretch their thinking, and offer as many different gigs as they can. As you do so, keep in mind that the goal isn't to just "spray and pray." Take time with each new gig to really do it up right. Make sure all the elements I mentioned a moment ago are in place. That can only happen if take it slow and easy, and do your homework first.

Do a general search in a category your skills align with, and look at all the different kinds of gigs are listed under that category. Fiverr's search engine gives us hints at which are the most common or popular searches...that's golden information! Once a light bulb lights up for you, and you realize you've found a niche for yourself, start researching others offering that same niche with more exacting searches, and see what they're doing. Take notes, and write down your own ideas.

Good Bait

The popularity of any given gig in your account is going to depend on several factors. They include: the demand for that service, your selection and placement of the right words in your gig for "finding" purposes, the eye-grabbing appeal of your gig image, the quality of the samples/demos you provide, and your Fiverr history, statistics and ratings.

As you begin developing a new gig you want to add to your roster, give yourself adequate time to do a good job of every element of the listing. The idea isn't to just tie hooks onto lots of lines and cast them all into the water. We want to make sure we have good bait on each hook, otherwise those bobbers will never go down!

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Using my freely available GigTracker spreadsheet, I noticed the other day that, while one of my gigs is definitely the "star of the show," I've gotten at least some sales on every single one of the others. What we're look at in the chart are my totals for the year. After running some numbers, I discovered that the order count for what I'd call my "main gig" accounted for only about a third of the total! So if I'd only had the one gig I was relying on, look how much potential income I could have missed out on!

I should point out that, in my own case, some of the sales in those other gigs were fed by me. If I receive an inquiry from someone and have my choice of which gig I sent my offer in, I try to make a point to offer it in whichever gig I felt needs a little boosting. Doing that helps the gig to show some initial sales numbers and rise in the search rankings. So that skews the numbers in my spreadsheet a little. But not enough to invalidate my point. Having more gigs will win you more work, if you do a good job with each one.

What I'm Not Saying

I'm not saying you should necessarily max out your gigs and use every single one. Don't add a gig unless it's something you can do well, and for which there's a reasonable amount of demand. But max yourself out in your gigs. With creativity, you'll probably come up with more services you can legitimately offer than what you initially expect. If you need a sounding board on that, contact me and we can discuss it in a Gig Doctor session. .

For those of you who do voiceovers, or who are interested in entering that fun profession, I can help there too. Check out my voiceover coaching services.

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