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Make DropBox Downloads Easier for Your Buyers

If, like me, you make heavy use of Dropbox when delivering larger audio files to your Fiverr buyers, here's a quick tip that will help you help them!

First, let me explain why I use Dropbox. As a voiceover person, uploading an audio file to Fiverr can slow down my workflow, especially if it's a longer narration in WAV format. You have to click the paper clip, attach the file, and then wait quite a long time for the upload to finish before you can click the green Send button, That' breaks my rhythm. I want to save the file, and if I wish to, send it instantly.

For quite a long time now, I have saved all my voiceover files to a Dropbox folder called "Shared Audio for Clients," which resides on my hard drive but is also mirrored to Dropbox. That's generally how Dropbox works. Your file isn't just in the cloud. A local copy also exists. As soon as the file has been saved, which is instantaneous, I am able to right-click on its icon and choose, "Get Dropbox link," which copies a shareable link to my computer's clipboard. That link can then be pasted into the Deliver textbox on Fiverr rather than attaching the file and waiting around for it to upload. It took me a few minutes to type that, but in practice, the whole process takes just a few seconds.

If you send text-only in your delivery message, Fiverr will ask if you're sure you want to do that, and that's fine. Nothing to worry about. Just confirm and send it on its way.

What the Buyer will see is a clickable weblink, and when they click on it, they'll be presented with a screen that lets them play the file immediately. There's also a more menu that looks like three dots ... where they can choose to download. Most quickly seem to find it and have no trouble, but in case they ask, I've created a little image that shows them where to go and what to do. That's what I'm sharing with you today.

That's the sole purpose of this week's blog post, just to share that image with you. Feel free to grab it and keep it handy to supply to buyers!

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