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Just What is "The Gig Doctor?"

Each of us is the most familiar with the things that comprise our own lives, and it's easy, when talking to others, to forget that they don't have our frame of reference. So we prattle along until one of them asks, very politely, what in the world we're talking about.

I'll confess to that same short-sightedness! Sometimes I do posts in various social media where I chatter on about things like "HeadSlappers" or "The Gig Doctor," and it must sound like I assume the whole world is familiar with them...when in fact, most of the world is not. So I thought it might be good to take a few minutes to explain the service this website is named after, "The Gig Doctor," to you.

I'm a seller on the platform, "Fiverr," where things have gone well for me. I've done, as of this writing, about $373,000 in sales and I'm hoping to hit the half million mark in a year or so. Being kind of a teacher by instinct, it occurred to me that I might be able to help others succeed on Fiverr by explaining the techniques that have worked for me, and that has led to some courses, some concentrated videos with my very best stuff (HeadSlappers), and the service that inspired this website, "The Gig Doctor" service.

What Goes on in a Gig Doctor Session

What I offer is a personal, live, one-on-one session over Zoom or S k y p e (at least an hour long) where we go through every part of your Fiverr gig. We'll talk about the service you offer, and examine any packages you have, your pricing, the description, the title, the tags, and your track record up until now on Fiverr. Next, I'll demonstrate the methods I've used to become successful on Fiverr, and show my techniques to you. And third, we'll apply those techniques to your situation: I'll give you a customized "prescription" for your gig to help it get found easier in search, be noticed better by searchers, do a better job of convincing people to use you, and ultimately, to get more orders, and earn more income.


Is a Gig Doctor Session "Magical?"

Anyone who offers gig optimization services needs to be cautious about promising a "magic bullet" that'll put people on the front page in Fiverr search. The chance of reaching the front page will be significantly better after you make the changes we discuss, but there can be many other factors that enter in (such as a seller's ratings, public and private reviews, reputation, and track record), which might impact your search position.

There are so many hucksters out there promising Nirvana. I can't do that to people, What I offer is to show you what has worked for me, and how to apply it to your own situation. That said, I get so many really wonderful reviews and comments that I have to believe I'm offering something people really feel has benefitted them, and that's a great feeling.

I put together a fun video about the service recently, and you're welcome to take a peek (or as they say across the pond, a "peep") at it here: You can also email me if you have some questions, or call me at 920-672-8244.

There's so much you and I can do together to improve your gig's performance. Schedule your Gig Doctor appointment by hitting the Gig Checkup link at the top of this page for an inexpensive personalized checkup and consultation!

For those of you who do voiceovers, or who are interested in entering that fun profession, I can help there too. Check out my voiceover coaching services.

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