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Is Your Fiverr Gig Image a Head Shot or a Mug Shot?

Your gig image on Fiverr is of utmost importance, because it bridges the gap between getting found, and getting clicked on/ordered from. That's why it's troublesome for me when I see a gig image that looks more like a mug shot than a head shot.

An excellent head shot is well lit, it's well posed/composed, often with an interesting head tilt or swivel, GREAT eye contact, looking confident and friendly. It's also in good color, and in focus, it has a minimum of distractions behind the person. In fact, ideally, it's taken against a neutral background like a painted wall or a green screen, so that the background can be substituted entirely. Make it close in, so the eyes really sell it...and sell you.

Compare that with what I'd call a "mug shot." You know, like you see in the police records...the photo taken of someone when they're arrested. The photos are usually kind of grainy, and, whether they're black and white or color, the quality of the photo is poor, maybe not well focused, dubious lighting, and the pose for the front-facing shot is straight on toward the camera with no interesting tilt of the head. The nose is centered dead-on. Eye contact may or may not be good. And the expression is obviously not going to be quite what's wanted for someone who's interested in doing business with them.

Make sure your gig image photo is terrific all the way around. After want to be clicked on...not arrested!

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