Increasing Your Average Selling Price on Fiverr

When you start out on Fiverr, what you initially need are orders. Any orders! But In order to grow and advance, average selling price becomes more of an important consideration.

Bigger Numbers Yield Bigger Results

There's an old blues tune that says,

Them that's got shall get

Them that's not shall lose

So the Bible said and it still is news

"What the song references in the Bible is this: "For to every one who has will more be given, and he will have abundance" (Matthew 25:29)

Those lines occur to me sometimes as I work on Fiverr. Having some...yields more. That in turn yields more, and so on. It only makes sense that a platform which makes its money by taking a commission from every sale, will give priority to sellers who have proven themselves to be good earners (and those who show the potential to by the way they prices what they offer), So you'll often see sellers with higher starting prices, and more sales, near the front of search results.

The temptation then, is to try and "start at the top" with high (well, high for Fiverr) prices. The idea has its merit, though if you don't have a proven track record on Fiverr, with bunches of five star ratings and glowing reviews, buyers can be forgiven if they don't jump at the chance to hire you. So the old tried-and-true method of starting humbly at a lower price and working your way up is generally still advisable.

Boosting Your Average Sale

Since a higher average order is a major factor in pushing you forward in the search results, the conundrum during your formative months on Fiverr is, "how do I get larger orders, when I'm still priced low?" What I'm going to propose here can be one good way to accomplish it.

Let's say you have gotten enough initial sales, albeit small ones, to become a Level One Seller. You've received a nice number of initial ratings and positive reviews. And you have, among others, one or more repeat customers who order from you with some regularity. Their orders tend to be nickel and dime stuff, but you make some reasonable income from them due to sheer volume. Fine! Consider a message like this:

"Jim, I want you to know I notice and appreciate how often you are using me! I'd like to do something special for you, I'd like to save you 30% on the next few orders you place, by combining them. Here is a custom offer for $100. This offer lasts for 30 days from the time you accept it, and I'll do up to $130 worth of work for you, inside this order. Would you like to do that?"