How to go Beyond $5 on Fiverr

I received a personal message from a member of one of my Fiverr groups, asking an excellent question. He wonbdered how to, "...go beyond $5 on Fiverr."

Like many people, that's where I started. As a person offering voiceovers on the platform, I started out by offering up to 250 words for $5. It seemed ludicrous, but I was following the advice of a course I had taken, which said you must "work your way up."

Obviously, this is not going to be one of my longest blog entries, since I've already answered the question! But let me expound a little by talking about the things that go into this whole business of, "working your way up."


As is true anywhere else, to advance on Fiverr, you need to give people the best that you have. Regardless of what they spend, they hope for quality...but may not entirely expect it on Fiverr because of the prices.. And that can play to your benefit: If you surprise them with greater quality than they expect, they'll rejoice, and be back. Not only that, but they'll leave favorable reviews and five star ratings, which signal to others that you're a good choice. That leads us to...


Despite the ridiculously low starting price, you need to have wonderful communication with your buyers. You may initially feel like the guy or lady at McDonalds flipping burgers and asking if they'd "like fries with that?," but don't approach it that way with customers. Lay out the red carpet. Meet them at the door with a towel over your arm, escort them to the table, ask them if they'd like to see a menu, check partway through the meal to see if they need their water glasses filled, assure they are served well, Afterwards, ask them if everything was to their satisfaction, and thank them. Leave them with a glow in their cheeks, rather than a storm in their eyes.


"Social proof," as it's called, is represented on Fiverr by your ratings, reviews, number of sales you've made, and by how much you promote your Fiverr gig elsewhere (which evidences itself to Fiverr by noticing people are following links to your gig from elsewhere. Social proof will help your gig rise in Fiverr's own search results, and put more eyeballs on it.


Orders beget orders. If your gig itself is set up well (see Gig Doctor Checkup), your demo is great and the quality of your actual work is no less great, the number of your sales will begin to increase. You need those numbers in order to advance and become, first a Level One Seller, then a Level Two Seller, and perhaps in time, a Top Rated Seller. As your numbers rise and you've demonstrated your worth, you will be in a better position to increase your prices.

Gently, Gently