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Getting the REAL Word Count of your Voiceover Scripts!

Are you using RealCount yet? Great free way to be paid more for your voiceovers, by getting an *accurate* word count that includes everything.

Real WHAT?

RealCount changes things like statistics, symbols, phone numbers, URLs, etc. into words; so that you know the REAL number of words you're being asked to speak, and you can charge what you deserve for your work.

To use the service, just go to the website (which DOESN'T collect data about you), paste-in your text, and hit the "Update the Count" button. RealCount will display, right at the top of your screen, your new word count and also show you how many words you gained. Just below the convert button, a second text box will display the converted text, with the changes.

Here's a video which shows RealCount in action:

Why is it free?

RealCount is a gift to the voiceover community. Alex, who coded this wonder, and I, who offer voiceover coaching services, have our names on there, and that's enough. I hope you'll make a habit of using it! Bookmark it, and put it in the shortcuts bar at the top of your browser so you can get at it fast whenever you need it. Remember that the domain is Hope you enjoy the service!

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