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I was happy to read recently that some Millennials have taken up the charming, outmoded practice of communicating with penpals, through...are you ready for this? Postal mail! Remember that concept? What I'm writing about today may not involve stamps and envelopes, but it does embody some of that same spirit, and it can actually be good for your business on Fiverr.

We get so accustomed to using our "quick responses" to automate the tasks of communication with buyers that it's easy to conduct all your communication in autopilot mode. At one stage of the order, we send this message. At the next stage, we send that message. When it's over, we send this other message. Done and done. Next? Rinse and repeat. Sure, prewritten messages may be nicely composed and professional, but we're missing something important: real connection with the buyer.

I think it's beneficial on many levels, especially initially, to be personally connected with buyers. When they contact you with an custom order request, stop. Take a deep breath. Look at where they're from. Double-check whether this is their first order with you, or you've heard from them previously. Look at the script and try to guess what sort of service this buyer provides. Then, engage with them.

While you should immediately respond to their specific needs and address their request for a quote, don't stop there. Tell them your name, and ask theirs. Mention you noticed they're from the Philippines and maybe ask them if they live anywhere near Manilla. People love it when you take an interest in them like that, and it can quickly become a conversation. Sometimes these initial overtures result in an ongoing exchange that involves life stories, photos from their location (and yours), a bit of cultural exchange, interesting stuff you didn't know about each other, and...importantly...a greater understanding of what they do and what you do professionally. As you understand more about each other, you'll not only give them a greater comfort level about you, but you'll learn what their needs are and ways he or she might be able to make more use of your services.

It works!

"Penpal'ing" with Fiverr customers is something I am doing more and more. It turns what may otherwise be cold, one-time business transactions into long term relationships that make the entire experience more fun...and more profitable.

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