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Fiverr Families! Do the Fiverr Rules Allow Them?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Talent runs in families.

I come from a musical family. It seems like pretty much everybody, going back over several generations on one side of the family, plays an instrument or two. And on my wife’s side, her mom sings, she sings, and her sister auditioned for the metropolitan opera! By the same token, both my grandmother and my dad were skilled artists. I don’t paint, but I do design gig images and do graphical layouts, so at least a little of that blood is there. And my daughter has a great eye for graphic design. Certain skills definitely seem to have strong genetic components and get passed along from generation to generation. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you say the same is true in some ways at your house. Not only because of genetics either. It may be that because of your particular talent, you actually met your spouse through something related to your talent. Maybe you met while acting at a local community theatre for example, so you might share similar skills that way.

Talent can also spring from “nowhere.”

By the same token, there are also talents that emerge in certain people that don’t seem to be inherited at all. I’ve always had some acting instincts, and took to both writing and the performing arts way more than anybody else I can think of in my family, on either side. Where’d THAT come from? No idea.

The point is this. Among you, your spouse, and your offspring, there are probably some talents you share, including at least one each of you is good enough at to actually sell as a service. And, you may also have one or more living under your roof whose talents are completely unique from any of the rest of you. That’s where the whole subject of Fiverr comes in.

When the family discovers Fiverr...

Usually it’s a single family member who initially takes an interest in Fiverr. Maybe they’ve started offering their services there, and had some success. That piques the interest of other family members, who think, well, if he or she can do it, so can I! But before that goes any further, there are a few things you need to know about how Fiver’s terms of service work, so you don’t get yourself in trouble or even get dumped from the platform. I’m going to explain what the rules are first, and then I’ll tell you what you can do to make things work and allow more than one of you to make some money on the platform. I’m also going to show you an actual communication from Fiverr that lays everything out nicely.

Yes you can!

The short answer to the question, "Can multiple family members offer their services on Fiverr," is “Yes!” But Fiverr needs to have some safeguards in place, to make sure a single person isn’t just creating multiple accounts under different names, which is a big NO in the rulebook. Much that relates to same-household rules is intended to head off that sort of thing.

How Fiverr monitors your activity

Fiverr’s pretty smart. Their computer can detect when multiple accounts are being maintained from the same Internet address...yours. Your router has an assigned place in cyberspace called an IP address. They can also detect when multiple accounts are being accessed from the same web browser, because each browser has its own ID, kind of like a car license plate. If Fiverr sees that more than one account is being maintained from the same Internet location or from the same web browser, it’ll be noticed. So far, no rules have been violated, but Fiverr will have perked up its ears.

But that alone doesn’t necessarily spell trouble. The fact is, Fiverr ALLOWS more than one account to be accessed from the same location, even from the same web browser. Where they draw the line is on what each account is offering.

What’s OK

Fiverr’s cool with the family approach, as long as each account offers a different kind of service. So you can have one account offering singing. Another that offers writing. Another that offers video production. Another that offers voiceovers (which the one I fall under). If Fiverr sees different types of services all being offered on different accounts, even if they come from the same location, it’s acceptable. Here are things you need to be sure about though.

Each Fiverr account must have its own Paypal or Payoneer account

You will need to give each family member who has their own Fiverr account, their own Paypal or Payoneer account too, with its own unique email address. That isn’t hard to do, but it is a step you can’t skip. You’ll need a separate withdrawal provider account for each person. You can all use the same provider. You just need different accounts.

You can’t order from each other

Something people often do, to help bolster their statistics, is cut a deal to buy from each other for no other reason than to jack up their numbers and help them perform better in Fiverr search. These gig order exchanges are a no-no, so when people propose doing that, as so many do on social media, politely refuse. By the same token, and for the same reason, people living under the same roof can’t do order exchanges either. It violates the terms of service and can get you bumped.

What about when you share the same talents?

What you might be saying at this point, though, is this: "In our family, several of us have the same talent. Two of us sing, or three of us do. Since each Fiverr account coming from the same location has to offer a different kind of service, doesn’t that leave some of us out in the cold?" Fortunately, the answer is no.

There’s nothing that says that a husband and wife can’t offer a gig together, for example. Let’s say you’re a singer, and your wife is too. You can offer your services under the same account, together, in a single gig, offering duets, or even multitracks with many voices…the whole family singing radio jingles! In addition, you can offer female singing and male singing separately in their own gigs under the same Fiverr account. Let’s use another example. You might have a male voiceover gig, but also have a gig set up that offers on-hold messages with music. The on-hold message loop is a combination of messages read alternately by a male and a female voice. Totally acceptable.

You can also offer multiple categories in the same account. I, for example, offer both voiceover services and voiceover coaching, which fall under completely different categories in the Fiverr catalog. Along those same lines, who’s to say "nay" to a husband and wife voiceover coaching service that gives the buyer a choice of a male coach and a female coach?

So you can have multiple services within the same account, which can, depending on how it’s presented, all be a part of what you, as the owner of the account, have to offer buyers. That really gives you quite a lot of flexibility to involve members of your family with the same talents in a single account.

And for the family member whose talents are different…

And for the "black sheep" of the family…the one who can’t sing, but can beat the pants off all of you in designing fabulous logos, they can have their own account!

Now, to help set some of this on a solid footing, and reassure you I’m not just theorizing about these things, I’d like to show you an actual correspondence sent to a Fiverr seller who was asking about these very things. Fiverr Customer Service wrote:

Wrapping up, just remember.: Each member of the family with their own account needs to offer a service that is different from what other family member accounts are offering, and if more than one person in the family shares the same talent, you can bundle your services in a single account for that kind of talent. And if you do have more than one Fiverr account, give each one its own withdrawal account. They can all be through the same agency, like Paypal, but each needs to be a separate account with its own email address. Keep to those principles, and you can all have fun earning income on Fiverr.

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