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Fiver Ways to Light a Fire Under Your New Fiverr Gig

Let's start with this. We'll call this the Bonus Tip. Don't launch lame gigs. If you don't have the time right now to really do a gig up right, wait and don't publish it until you can. You want every aspect of the new gig to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building before you unleash it. The gig image, the demo if there is one, the portfolio of examples of your work, a well-written and optimized description, tags, and title, are all really important. If you don't have a well-designed, credible, optimized gig, anything else we do to help move it forward will be like pushing a wagon that has square wheels.

In this case, let's assume you've already done those things. And now that it's published, what can you do to get it off to a great start?

Tip #1. Backfeeding. At least, that's what I call it.

The idea is that, for awhile, when you get a general inbox inquiring asking for a quote, you quote it using your new gig. That gives the gig an initial order, and assuming you do a great job and wisely ask for a review, you 'll get a review! Tapping into this resource for awhile can give your gig some initial action, so it doesn't show zero orders and zero reviews. It helps built its reputation, and yours, which will make people more confident that you and your new gig are the real deal. One thing...if someone approaches you for a quote and your spidey sense is tingling...suggesting they're potential trouble, don't quote them in your new gig. Oddball buyers are more likely to leave a lower reviews and ratings...and it takes a LOT of fiver star rankings to recover from even a single 1 star review in a brand new gig.

Tip #2. Buyer Requests.

Buyer requests are kind of like classified ads on Fiverr, where people advertise for services they need done. You can do the same backfeeding here. If you answer any of these buyer requests, you can do so through the new gig you want to promote. Again here, try to sense the situation and the nature of the buyer ahead of time to the best of your ability by looking scrupulously at their post. We do this for the same reason I mentioned a moment ago. We want to try for five stars on all the orders in our new gig, because it helps people to have more confidence, and also increases our "juice" in the search rankings.

Tip #3. Shared Links and Promotions.

If you go to your gig and click the "Share Your Gig button," then the "Copy Link" option, you'll have a link that has superpowers. It's not like just copying the URL from your gig. The shared link is a specially-coded link. If you share that around outside of Fiverr, it carries information back to Fiverr, (when people click on it) that alerts them you're actively attempting to drive traffic in from the outside, which they love above all things. So publicize your new gig every place you can think to. Social media, your website, in emails, in communication with friends. But don't just share it, because getting a whole lot of visits to your gig and no orders is in a way worse than no visits. The reason is that your conversion rate number, compared to the number of clicks you've received, will be dismal, and that can affect the conversion rate statistics for your entire Fiverr account. So make sure you couple the sharing of links with some sort of promotion that will benefit people if they not only click on the link, but actually order. Tell them that, if they order through "this link," and ask for a custom quote, you'll give them their order for half price, or their second order for free...something of real value that will make people want to actually do it! The combination of shared link and promotion can definitely energize a new Fiverr gig in a big way.

Tip #4. Notify previous buyers.

We are allowed, by Fiverr, to contact a limited number of previous buyers each day. You can write to a few different buyers daily and mention something you think might interest them, offer them a special price, or even just cordially ask how things are going with them and whether they have any needs. But this is a privilege that can easily become a pitfall if it's misused, so I advise you walk very cautiously here. That said, you can take advantage of this privilege to alert previous buyers to your new gig. Again, here, you can use the shared link I spoke about already when mentioning that you've introduced the new gig...and here again, you can also offer some sort of price break to them if they order through it in the next 30 days, for example. The goal is the same...we want to create traffic on the new gig, and build its reputation through sales numbers and great ratings and reviews.

Tip #5. Introductory price.

Have a look at the pricing of your competition in the category your new gig offers itself. Think about coming in just slightly below what's typical for awhile. You can mention in the gig description this is an introductory price, which leaves you room to increase it later on without surprising anybody. Remember that initially with a new gig, just as with a new Fiverr account, it's more about numbers than income. So don't be afraid to do what you need to, to encourage sales, even if you're not making a bundle on each order at first.

There's so much you and I can do together to improve your gig's performance. Schedule your Gig Doctor appointment by hitting the Gig Checkup link at the top of this page for an inexpensive personalized checkup and consultation!

For those of you who do voiceovers, or who are interested in entering that fun profession, I can help there too. Check out my voiceover coaching services.

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