Five Things You Can do During Slow Times on Fiverr

Updated: Oct 26

When I was in radio, I once heard one of the salespeople (who sold radio ads) comment that, "It's chicken one day, and feathers the next." That about sums it up for sales. It's true for every company and every individual. You're going to have days when you're "living high on the hog," and days when you're "whistling for your dinner."

Fiverr is no different when it comes to sales activity. Even for some of the most successful sellers on the platform, there will be some days when there's more than enough work, and others that are definitely the opposite. When things quiet down for you, here are five things you can do to help bump your sales back up.

1. Work on Your Gigs

There's always more you can do to improve your gigs. Use some of your slow time to visit each gig you offer, and...think like a buyer. What words are they likely to search for that you might not have considered? Add them. What else can be done to brighten up and simplify your gig image? Research your competition too, for ideas. If you can't find any ideas by that method, frankly, you're not trying hard enough. There are ALWAYS new ideas you can get...good researching the competition. And expand it beyond Fiverr. Do similar searching in Google, and brainstorm additional ideas, Never stop improving your gigs. As a side benefit, Fiverr will sometimes give you a boost in search just for making the effort, If you look at the scatter chart for your gig analytics, you may notice that the dots for the days when your gig rose in the rankings are the very same days when you updated your gigs.

2. Follow up on Custom Offers

Fiverr has a cool little feature, slightly buried, that lets you tag clients who have contacted you, using whatever tag wording you like. When I answer a request for a custom offer from a buyer, I have a home brew tag I assign to them called "Quote Followup." Later, I choose to display a list of just those buyers who I've tagged in that way, and see which ones I should follow up with. By following up, I mean sending them a simple message like, "Just checking back in to make sure you received my quote, and to see if I can help answer any questions!" Simple as that. If a buyer is still deciding who to use, they're going to notice that I was the only one who bothered to take the time to follow up with them. It keeps me front-of-mind with the buyer, and increases the chance they'll order from me instead of someone else. I recommend you try to do this every single day whether it's been slow for you or not. Check your Quote Followup list, and send a brief message to anybody you haven't messaged yet.