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Becoming the "Findable Needle" in the Fiverr Haystack: Part One

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

On Fiverr, the harsh, cold reality is that "being great at what you offer" won't do the whole job for you. To use a well-worn analogy, you can be the sharpest needle in the Fiverr haystack...heck, you can be a platinum needle with a titanium tip...but if nobody can find you, you'll be one very lonely, albeit talented person.

Buyers use a Fiverr search engine that's much like Google's to hunt for sellers offering the services they need. And just like Google, those searches bring up results based on a number of criteria. Some are known, others are Fiverr's secret sauce and can only be speculated on. But certain criteria are known, and we'll be covering them in this series of blog posts, starting with keywords.

Optimizing your Fiverr gig's keywords is crucial to your success, and once you've arrived at the words you want to use, they should be liberally applied throughout your gig, in the SEO keywords box, the gig title, your gig description, your profile description, even in your frequently asked questions! do you decide which words to use? Here's a potential game plan. First, write down in common, unflowery terminology, what you're offering. Let's say you design logos. What kind? Do you specialize in a certain type of logo? What industries or businesses would especially like or use your particular type of logos? Are they flat design or 3-D? Make a list of all the plain language words that apply to what you do, even if the list gets long and some words strike you as better than others.

Now comes the cool trick not everybody knows about!

Open a private/incognito browser window, so it's not influenced by cookies, go to Fiverr's site, and start trying various searches using the words in your list. Try individual words and combinations of words. "logo," "flat logo design.," "3D game logos." As you type, a dropdown box appears beneath your search words, showing what have been the most frequently searched for phrases containing the words you typed. This is golden! It's giving you blatant clues what to use for keywords, and keyword combinations. Scribble down these results and keep them handy because...

...Next time, I'm going to show you how to narrow down the list and choose the exact keywords to put into your gig. Subscribe now and follow along!

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