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Climbing the Fiverr Ladder

The most common thing I'm asked, by far, is not "how do I get started on Fiverr? but "how do I make progress on Fiverr?"

There are millions of people selling their services on Fiverr, and also millions of people looking for services. In the midst of that enormous swirl of activity and humanity, how in the world can anyone stand out enough to be noticed and do any business? Strange as it seems, people are, and people do. So what is it that causes some people to not only get found, but to make good income, while the majority of others remain in obscurity?

The answer to that question is at the heart of succeeding on the platform. Until you "cracks that code," you'll remain down in the "seller cellar" (hey, I just made that up...I'll have to remember that one)! When I sat down to create my latest course, "Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr...The Way Up," it occurred to me that there are four particular areas where a person needs to do especially well to succeed, and they became the four "rungs of the course:

  1. Having the Right Attitude

  2. Making Smart Decisions About What to Offer on Fiverr

  3. Creating a Winning Fiverr gig

  4. Providing Great Customer Service

Attitude is a major contributor to either success or failure, and a lot of it comes from "baggage" we are already carrying with us from previous life experiences. If we expect to have a bad experience, or to fail, we're just not going to put the effort into something new, and the result is that the new thing just gets added to our "failure baggage." So I talk quite a bit about the ways to turn that around in the course.

It's easy to make snap judgements about what to offer on Fiverr, and that can be a big mistake. We have more going inside us than that first talent or ability that comes to mind. An investigation of more of the possibilities can reveal some money-making potential we could easily be missing out on.

The most obvious thing that helps us climb the ladder on Fiverr is the contents of our gig. This is a large topic, and it's the one I devote the most time to in the course. I go through a lot of very important stuff in this section, and mention some things the majority of sellers never do, or even consider doing.

And that last rung, great customer service, is an area where a tragic number of sellers really fall short...and it's so crucially important. Find out about the five critical opportunities we have to please first-time buyers and turn them into long-term customers.

I consider "Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr" to be have the greatest potential to help a whole lot of people, of any of my courses. And, the last time I checked, Udemy had it on sale for practically free, so I suggest you grab it while it's still at a big discount. At the end of the course, I'm going to be providing you with a bunch of b0nus goodies too, including a $49.95 HeadSlapper video. Here's the link that I'm hoping will really help you to climb out of the "seller cellar" and start progressing on Fiverr!


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