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Becoming the "Findable Needle" in the Fiverr Haystack: "The Magic Pyramid, Part One"

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

As I've mentioned, having an effective keyword strategy is a crucial part of becoming a "found needle" in the Fiverr haystack, but it doesn't stop there. Another important part of being found is pricing...and something we could call "The Magic Pyramid."


OK, that GIF is a little...hmm...what's the word? Bizarre? But it actually does a pretty good job of illustrating a point I'd like to go into in some detail in the next few blog posts.

Look at the pyramid, and notice that it's extremely wide at the bottom, and very narrow near the top. If a symbol was selected to represent Fiverr sellers by their pricing, it would probably look a lot like that pyramid, except that the bottom of the pyramid would be much, much wider. By far, the majority of sellers are lined up at or near the bottom. There are literally millions of sellers, so if you're down there with them, you're competing along with a staggering number of other sellers to be found, appreciated, and used. The higher priced sellers are at or near the top, where the competition is nicely thinned out.

That's not to say you can't be found if your price is low, and in fact, you're actually more likely to be found than higher priced sellers if the buyer has ticked the "cheap" boxes when doing their search. But...stick with me. Lots of important info ahead.

Where do we want to be in the pyramid? Let's consider several factors:

1. How much are Fiverr buyers willing to spend for what we offer?

2. How does pricing affect where we show up in Fiverr searches?

3. What's our own opinion of our work's value, and how much are we willing to compromise it?

4. How honestly do we want to represent our pricing to Fiverr search?

5. Is there a way to appeal to buyers at various price points?

Let me address the first one this time, because it takes us back to the pyramid analogy. Just as seller prices would tend to plot out in a pyramid, buyers would plot out similarly, though in my opinion, not as sharply and clearly, my opinion...they're capable of being influenced by more than just price. Let me talk about a real life non-Fiverr situation as an illustration.

My son was in an auto accident recently. While driving our van, he skidded out on black ice and went off the road and into a power pole. Thank God he was alright, but the van was totalled. Being kind of a typical male, and also a person who prefers not to take out loans, I went out van hunting with the Fiverr buyer mentality that all I needed was what I could get for cheap. I visited the lots. Lots and lots of lots. I test drove. I took notes...even created a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the vans, their prices, their features, and so on. Near the end of my search, I sat down in a van that was newer than most of the others I had tried, more comfortable, nicer amenities, etc., and I knew there was no going back. The blood had started pumping and I knew this was the one I wanted. It was more than twice what I had planned on spending, but I had the money (thanks to Fiverr) and plunked down the requisite number of thousand dollar bills and took it home.

I believe people are people...and Fiverr buyers are no different in that respect than Dane-The-Cheapskate-Van-Hunter. Once they have test driven a few nicer vehicles, they'll notice the difference and "find" the money to pay the difference. So as we move forward with our discussion, expect that concept to enter into our "Magic Pyramid" formula.

But...why are we even having this discussion in the context of our "Being the Needle" series, which has to do with being found on Fiverr? I'll explain next time.

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