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Becoming the "Findable Needle" in the Fiverr Haystack, Part Two: "Entering Enemy Territory"

As I mentioned last time, if they can't find you, it doesn't matter how wonderful you are at what you do, you'll be listening to crickets. I discovered some techniques fairly early on in my "career" on Fiverr that got me out of the cricket

zone and started the orders flowing in, and that's what I hope to share with you over the course of these blog posts.

Keyword searches are a mighty big part of it, and if your keywords don't attract searchers to you based on what they're looking for, that's something you have got to address. Assuming you read the previous post and have roughed out keywords, then checked typed them into Fiverr search as I described, you may be starting to have a sense of which words or phrases meet these criteria:

1. Accurately describe what you offer.

2. For what you offer, contain the words or phrases found in the most popular Fiverr searches (see Article 1 in this blog series)

You've updated your list with what appear to be the magic bullet phrases and wordings that match what you offer. Now, it's time to do some searching of your own. Again, using a browser's privacy mode to unbias the results, go to Fiverr and type in the first phrase, word, or expression you want to try, and hit Search. See who comes up, visit their gigs and...this is important...confirm that what they're offering is indeed what your gig offers. If a lot of the hits seem to take you to gigs offering something a little different than you do, try other popular searches from the list you made.

When you're sure a popularly-used Fiverr search phrase takes you to the exact right kinds of gigs, stop and take a deep breath, swallow hard, choke back that impulse to loathe them as competition, and instead just view them as sources of inspiration. Visit the gigs of people in the first few rows of hits, and look for one thing (and one thing only for now), and that's the way they have used the keywords/phrases in their gigs. Where do they show up, and how are they worded? Look in their title (which I believe weighs very heavily), their gig description, their personal profile description, even in their Frequently Asked Questions, Scribble notes, but do NOT copy whole blocks of text with the intent of pasting them into your own gig's text fields. That's against Fiverr's Terms of Service and, and I might add, is downright unscrupulous.

If you do enough of the research I've described in articles 1 and 2, you're well on your way to a set of keywords that will help "bring in the bacon." Next time, we'll return to the gigs of our competition for some other useful/profitable ideas.

I'd love to help you personally too. Please hit the Gig Checkup link so we can set up an inexpensive personal consultation and discuss ways to optimize your gig for increased traffic and sales!

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