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Avoiding the Boot, Part 2: The Five Sneaky Things You MUST Do on Fiverr

Anyone who has suddenly found themselves on the outside of Fiverr, looking in, knows how helpless and discouraging it feels. One moment, you may have the world by the tail, and you're blazing away on the Fiverr platform, and the next, you're sitting out on the curb, wondering what happened.

There are lots of creative ways to get kicked out of Fiverr, and pretty much all of them come down to a violation of their Terms of Service. Fiverr is actually pretty fair about them. They give you a couple warnings, but if you continue to pursue a course that takes you outside the allowable boundaries,'re gone.

In our overwhelming desire to get ahead on Fiverr, or because of frustration in not succeeding as fast as we'd like to, it's really tempting to cut corners. So we take webinars and watch YouTube videos and read blogs, and hear about all kinds of underhanded little tricks people have used to pimp the system with artificial likes, gig exchanges (where people agree to buy each others' products to increase sales stats), like exchanges, "joint ventures" where sellers contact potential buyers directly through their gig listings, and ask them to consider using them, buying fake reviews from people, attempting to boost social proof with backlinking, spamming previous customers with solicitations, and lots of others.

Five Sneaky Things

To be fair, the reason people do these things is because they can potentially work. Some work better than others. But here are the five sneaky tricks you absolutely MUST start doing, or must continue to do, in order to succeed on Fiverr. Ready? Here we go...






So summarizing: You don't need to do anything underhanded to succeed on the platform. You can stay squarely within the confines of Fiverr's Terms of Service and succeed. You can be 100% honest, and succeed. This should be great news to the tens of thousands of people who are in desperately trying to boost their profiles through gig exchange groups on Facebook, and to the millions of Fiverr sellers who think success might be just around the corner if they cut it (the corner, that is).

How do I know? Personal experience. I have been on both sides of this fence. I started out on Fiverr under the influence of webinar teaching that...not only are sneaky practices useful, but that Fiver's rules are lip service; that they actually don't mind the violations because they bring in more sales to the platform. So I dabbled in some of that...and sure enough, the warnings came from Fiverr.

I decided a clear conscience and putting aside the fear of "the boot" was more important to me than any success the cloak and dagger techniques might bring, so I abandoned anything that even came close to "gaming the system." And you know what? I succeeded. Not only did I succeed, but I'm doing better now than I ever was before. Last month, my sales on Fiverr climbed to nearly $12,000. This month will approach the same number. As of this morning, the impressions on my main gig were at 45,000.. I started a new e-learning gig about a month ago, and it is rising through the ranks and beginning to appear at the top of the search results.

The Alternative

For every sneaky trick we might try, there are a dozen legitimate things we can do to boost our traffic and sales on Fiverr. Let me encourage you to have faith in yourself and your abilities, to stay dedicated to improving your craft and how it's presented, to treat people wonderfully, and deliver exceptional quality. Focus on those, and on doing what's right and true, and good things will follow.

Find out what you can do, LEGITIMATELY, to get ahead on Fiverr. Please hit the Gig Checkup link so we can set up an inexpensive personal consultation and discuss ways to optimize your gig for increased traffic and sales!

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