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Meet"The Doc"

A Repeatable Success Story

Dane Scott became a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr eight months after creating his account.  He's currently averaging in the top 5% of sellers in his category, doing the thing he has enjoyed most during his 40+ years of adulthood: recording voice-overs!

During his first year on Fiverr, his monthly income started at $105 , and climbed month after month, wrapping up the first year with an over-$11,000 month.  To date, he has made over $500,000 in sales on Fiverr.

Dane discovered early on that there are certain gig characteristics, correspondence methods, and order handling techniques that make a world of difference in attracting traffic to your gig, getting first orders from new customers, and keeping them coming back.  Dane is now helping others to succeed and have fun on Fiverr using those same techniques.

"This isn't about shortcuts, cheating, or gaming the system.  It's about using honest, proven methods to step out from the Fiverr crowd and really succeed."


In addition to providing gig checkups, Dane also provides voice-over coaching, demo production assistance, and has authored several courses to help others, including his popular, "Fiverr Gold:  Ten Proven Ways to Earn More on Fiverr" (aka, "Words That Make a Difference"), and "GigWinners Voice-Over Demo Course."

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