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Jeannette Robinette Plain Sight!

Sometimes things can stare us right in the face and we don't see them or recognize them for what they are.  In my HeadSlapper videos, I reveal three of these amazing "hidden in plain sight" techniques that made me smack my forehead when I realized them.  All three have been making me serious money ever since!  These HeadSlappers will easily...EASILY...earn more than you spend on them.  I guarantee it.  You can buy each of these separately, or get all four at a special discount.

HeadSlapper 1

The word is, "Amazing."

Fiverr buyers leaving me reviews use one particular word constantly since I started using the technique I share in HeadSlapper 1.  "Amazing."  ""That's amazing."  "You're amazing!"  Not that I'm complaining. It's a nice kind of monotony to see people expressing themselves like that day after day!

In HeadSlapper 1, I'll show you how to not only get fabulous reviews, but build a loyal customer base of buyers who will come back, again and again.

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HeadSlapper 2

Hoist Your Monthly Sales

This is something that occurred to me one day like a bolt out of the blue...and I truly couldn't believe it hadn't dawned on me earlier.  It's a technique that reliably builds repeat buyers month after month..  It keeps you "front of mind" with them so they want to keep using you repeatedly.  No breaking of rules, no violating terms of service.  You'll smack your forehead when you find out how it's done, and you'll wonder, "why isn't EVERYBODY doing this?!"  But don't spread it around, or everybody WILL!  :-)

HeadSlapper 3

More Buyers = MORE BUYERS!

One of the catch-22s on Fiverr is that, when appealing to a certain portion of their "buyerverse," you're simultaneously leaving behind other portions of it.  Some people try to solve that problem that by offering a variety of different products or services.  I've discovered an even better way (at least it is for me)!  I'm now found by far more searchers, and I'm USED by far more buyers.  You'll conk your cranium when you hear this one.

HeadSlapper 4

It'll smack your cranium like Newton's apple!

If you're a voiceover or video person, please don't make the mistake I made.  Start doing this one now, today!  I am making $400 a month in extra income, which pays for a lot of groceries, rent, insurance, home improvements, or retirement.  I figure I've missed out on $20,000 since I started on Fiverr by failing to do what's described here, and that kind of a revelation is enough to raise a welt on ANYBODY's forehead.  Please GET THIS one.  You'll earn it back many times over, I guarantee.

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