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The Way You Handle Stumbles Affects Your Performance!

The Voiceover Goof Stomper

Voiceover people try all kinds of hacks to mark their errors. Finger snaps, hand claps, even Halloween clickers. Now, there's a much more effective method that lets you keep your mind on the read without those annoying distractions.

Just $39.95

The Voiceover Goof Stomper USB foot pedal configures in seconds to send a "Drop Marker" message to whatever DAW you use, whether in Windows or the Mac. ​Despite the name, you don't need to STOMP. A gentle tap is all it takes. You'll get the foot pedal, dead-simple software to tie it in with your DAW, and a video that shows you how you can use the marker-drop technique to make editing-out outtakes faster than ever.

Works with Windows and Mac, in any DAW  that supports dropping markers using a hotkey or a keyboard combo. That includes: Adobe Audition, Reaper, Studio One, TwistedWave, Audacity, Sound Forge, ProTools, Cubase, Garage Band, most others.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Script, and Your MIND on Your Narration!

I am NOT Goof-Proof!

If you're as prone to blunders as I am, you can understand the motivation that led me to develop "The Goof Stomper."  Over the decades, I've tried all the usual stuff: finger snaps, hand claps, clickers, jabbing at the keyboard to drop markers at each boo-boo...even stopping, going back, and fixing mess-ups as I went (commonly called "punch and roll") The latter technique really breaks the rhythm of the read and slows everything down.  I felt there HAD to be an approach that would be less distracting and would allow me to focus completely on my read, without ever taking my eyes off the script.  "The Goof Stomper" solves the problem 100%,. 


Included is a video that explains simple setup, and demonstrates a marker dropping technique I developed that also gives you a way also deal with situations where there are multiple "flubs" on the same line or phrase.

Just $39.95

No Claps, No Snaps, Just Gentle Little Taps

Goof Stomper's foot pedal is so sensitive that you can drop a marker with a nudge of your big toe, yet is engineered to send only one signal per tap, with no stutters or repeats.  Its rubber feet keep it from scooting away, even on smooth floors. And its ergonomic design is comfortable and natural, so it quickly becomes like a part of your body, making its use as instinctive as breathing.   That lets you keep your creative mind engaged with the read rather than becoming distracted by harsh sounds or the jarring breaks required to do punch-and-roll corrections.

Just $39.95

With Markers VU.jpg

Super-simple setup on Windows or Mac.

Use with any DAW

(Digital Audio Workstation)

Guaranteed for a million clicks. 

(That's a lot of goofs!)

An end to self-distraction.  Focus on your message!

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