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The GigWinners Demo Course

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

When it comes to voice-overs, you can have the cleverest marketing techniques, choose the best platforms to sell on, and have the most striking website on the Internet...but if your demo doesn't convince clients to use you, nothing else will matter.

Get the inspiration you need to bring your very best self to your demo, with the GigWinners demo production course.  We take you right from ground zero and tell you every step needed to discover your best abilities, develop them, record yourself, and then self-produce a demo, or have a demo produced for you.



  1. Introduction

  2. Self Evaluation

  3. Finding the Best You've Got

  4. Where Should I Record

  5. A Gear Shopping List

  6. Setting Up to Record

  7. Trial Runs

  8. Into the Arena

  9. Producing the Demo

  10. Frequently Asked Questions

The GigWinners "Dream Team"
Learn from the best.

Todd Schick

Todd Schick.png

Long-time Canadian VO pro, coach, and demo producer at

Laurent Jouvin

Laurent Jouvin.png

Respected founder of Migrate Sound in 
Santa Clarita, CA,

Bill Dewees


Bill DeWees.png

Successful Chicagoland voice-over artist, coach, and demo producer

Marc Graue

Marc Graue.png

Legendary character artist Marc Graue of Marc Graue Recording Studios, Burbank, CA

Don Baarnes

Don Baarnes.jpg

A leading expert in voice recording, processing and production.

Take a peek inside the course


Here's a free sample from the course, with important advice about being true to yourself when considering a voice-over career.

f you do voice-overs, or are considering it, GigWinners will be a great help.

Course Image - 720p.png
$99?  It's a no-brainer!
An inspired demo will earn you more than this course costs with a single voice-over order.


Dane does an excellent job of explaining his processes with Fiverr orders. I have definitely taken some ideas and put them to use. Great job Dane!

Angela Ohlfest


Instructor comes across as a true professional, knowledgeable. Not overly talkative and easy to grasp examples and styles that a beginner probably didn't think of.

Yvette McKenzie


This course was great because there was a lot of no-nonsense advice; exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely take advantage of the review site. Time to put my armor on!

Daniel Marion


Thanks, Dane! What appealed to me about your course was the fact that it prepares learners for professional work as voice over narrators. The voice-over demo is a crucial step in the process of finding work in voice over.

Dennis Lewis

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