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Black Hypnotist

After you're found...

You've Gotta Catch Their Eye!

Video Gig Image.png
Michael Wheeler - Video Gig Image.png
Christine Brito - Video Gig Image.png

The Eyes Have it.

You're showing up in search.  Great!  What's next?

There's nothing more exciting than seeing your gig on the front page of a Fiverr search, and that's the goal when you and I meet in a Gig Doctor session.  But what happens next is just as critical.  You need to get NOTICED on the search page.

For the potential buyer, the search page can be a blur of text and faces.  What is the secret to being noticed in that blur of faces?  A great "gig image" that grabs their eyes and their attention

Each One Distinct
Each One Unique!

I love designing gig images that leap off the page and snatch the attention of buyers.  Accomplish that, and you're two thirds of the way to making a new customer.

More Than an Image...​

For just $49.95, I will work with you to design a brand for your product/service on Fiverr, and I'll create two images for your gig: your Primary Gig Image, and if you need it, a second version of it that's the right shape and size for a demo video.

Jennifer June - Corporate Branding - 16x
Moira Healy Branding - 16x9 Image for Vi
Dick Nichols - Video Gig Image.png
James Seawood Image - Non Fiverr.jpg

Branding is Included!

Thought needs to go into your BRAND, not just your image.  When we meet, we will decide together on a way to brand you on Fiverr, which helps build confidence in you, and what you have to offer.

Bold, Clear, Winning Designs

Tap into my decades of graphical design experience, and come away with a branded gig image that will leap out and grab buyers by the eyeballs.

Deepest Voice Branded Gig Image - 16x9 f
latonya gig image.png
James Irwin - 16x9 Video Image.png

A Method in Our Madness.

There are certain things in a gig image that cause it to be noticed more than other gig images.  It's that "secret sauce" that moves potential buyers from "just browsing," to being interested parties!

Let's Get Down to Business.

Go from lackluster, unproductive gig images to sparkling eye grabbers that will give you the competitive advantage in search results.  Click below, and let's get after it!

The Loony Bin Gig Image 1080p.jpg
Carol McPherson Gig Image 1080p.png
Spongebob Gig - 16x9 for Video.png
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