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The Fiverr

Gig Checkup

Heartfelt thank you to Dane for discussing Fiverr marketing and some techniques I'll be putting into action.!

Troy W. Hudson,-  Fiverr Top Rated Seller

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Starting you on the path to a healthy gig!

When you order the Fiverr Gig Checkup, I'll to give your Fiverr gig a thorough going-over, looking at every aspect of its design, title, description, profile pic, pricing, demo video, samples of your work, reviews, history, SEO keywords, and more.. 

Next, we'll schedule a time to get together via Zoom or Skype for a private consultation, where we can discuss the great things you're doing, and the areas where there's room for improvement.  I'll help answer all of your questions.  We'll take our time together.  This will be a comprehensive least an hour...not just a quick call!

"Everything really turned around

after that gig checkup we did...

You deserve a lot of credit for that." 

Karl Sjöberg

(now a Level Two seller) 


Expect to leave the experience encouraged and inspired...with great ideas and insider secrets, specific recommendations to increase traffic and sales, and a bonus $49.95 "HeadSlapper" tip I guarantee will help bring customers back for another round. 

You can feel confident this $99 gig checkup is the real deal.  Have a look at some of the testimonials below, then click Order button and let's connect on this!

Over $600,000 in Sales.

When I started on Fiverr, I don't think anybody could have convinced me that, several years later, I would be have gone well over the half million dollar mark in sales,  But it has happened!

For the past two years running, I've gone over $100,000 in Fiverr sales.  In one instance, I had an over $18,000 sales month.  How?  By trying things, learning a lot, and delivering the best product I can.  There's lots of work to be had on Fiverr if you know how to go about it.  At this point, I know how, and I'd like to share it with you.

I'm a teacher by nature.  I love to instruct and to pass along what I've learned.  So the idea of doing one-on-one Gig Doctor checkups and helping others to succeed really appeals to me.

"I was able to be found because of you. Thanks for everything! Only the beginning! They don't call you the doctor for nothing man!"   Qwan Spencer

Whether you're just starting out on Fiverr, or have been there awhile and would like to do better, let's take some time together to look at everything you're doing, and create an action plan to make your gig easier to find, more attractive to buyers, priced more effectively, worded more appealingly, and with a demo that sells.

Don't assume things can't get better,  They can!  I've proven it on Fiverr, and now I'd like to help you succeed too.  Have a look at the testimonials below, then click the button for your own personal, comprehensive gig checkup and "prescription!"

Dane Scott

Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Your checkup includes a personal consultation

by phone or Skype....

> Schedule your checkup today...


Thanks to Dane Scott Udenberg for the amazing impact of his Gig Doctor checkup, which helped me to get found by the right buyers, and go from $600 lifetime earnings to well over $20k in just 7 months, after meeting in October 2020.

Stephen Carlock

"texvox" on Fiverr

Level 2 Seller

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE GIG DOCTOR!!  I had a great Gig Doctor Session with Dane a few weeks ago. My business was just moving in slow mode!  Dane reviewed my gig and, like a doctor, carefully dissected my gig piece by piece, leaving no stone unturned.  I revamped my gig and now I am back at the first page slot and getting consistent  orders. Thank you Dane for making my gig healthy again!! Full time voice over actor I come!!


> Schedule your checkup today...


Huge shoutout to Dane Scott Udenberg for all of his help with my Fiverr Gig Doctor session last week. Already seeing some positive returns as well as two promoted gig bookings at the end of the week. Thank you so much and for anyone needing to give your gig a shot in the arm, I could not recommend him and his services enough. Looking forward to booking some Voice Acting coaching sessions soon.

Ricky Boyles

"rickydbsound" on Fiverr

Level 2 Seller

My Fiverr stats in the 14 days since our Gig Doctor session beats what I did in the previous 6 months.

Mike Durocher

Level One Seller


> Schedule your checkup today...


A massive shout out to Dane Scott!!  I had my gig doctor apt with him today, and it was worth every penny and then some!  I've already begun updating my bread and butter gig, plus tweaking the spare gigs I'm allowed.  Dane really is an excellent teacher - friendly, professional, with a great sense of humor and just an overall really good guy.  I gained so much from our chat and am optimistic that this will be the turning point I need in my Fiverr career.  Thanks Dane

Sara Gardner

VO Talent

Over $5k in my queue currently and our Gig Doctor session was just three weeks ago. Dane is the real deal.

Trevor O'Hare

Top Rated Seller


> Schedule your checkup today...


Dane is a gentleman. He took the time to go through every detail of my gig with care and attention. These days it is rare to find someone who truly cares about what they are doing for their client. Dane obviously has a genuine desire to help his clients to the best of his ability. And believe me he has ability. I just searched my gig and it is ranking very highly after doing everything that Dane suggested and it's only been a couple of days. So if you are seeking improvement to your gig, I think you have just found your guy. I liked Dane so much, I also booked voice over coaching with him. I trust him. That's a big thing to say, but I do. Do yourself a favour, book a chat with Dane. 5 stars.

Stephen Dalton

VO Talent

Vanessa Portrait.jpg

Just had my checkup today with Dane and it was awesome!  I can't wait to start tinkering with my gig tonight...if y'all haven't done the check up yet, you definitely should.  Dane's attention to detail and those head slappers are GOLD.

Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Van Richardson Gig Image.jpg

> Schedule your checkup today...


Thanks again for the great insights.  I made the changes at 4pm, and impressions (over the next 24 hours) increased tenfold over the previous full day. 


Shout out to Dane for his Gig Doctor service! A reasonable cost, and I was impressed for several reasons:
FAST turnaround, yet the analysis was in-depth.
A detailed breakdown of description, gig video/demo, and pricing, with the opportunity to discuss and ask questions
Actionable ideas, useful examples, and some "headslapper" style tips.
I'm really looking forward to getting my gig re-vamped this week. Thanks again, Dane!


Jim Foster

Fiverr Voice-Over Artist at:  Jim Foster VO

> Schedule your checkup today...


"I was able to be found because of you. Thanks for everything! Only the beginning! They don't call you the doctor for nothing man!"   Qwan Spencer

The Free $49.95 HeadSlapper!


When we get together for our consultation, I'll also share one of my famous "HeadSlappers," a money-making tip so obvious that most people who hear it go..."DOH!!!  Why haven't I been doing that right along?!!"



"I took Dane up on his Headslapper today, and I wanted to say that I feel they're definitely worth it. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't bring my sales up."

Just a quick and heartfelt thank you to Dane for sharing an hour of his time with me...discussing fiverr marketing and some techniques I'll be putting into action. I have such respect for this guy!

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.45.19 AM.png


I really enjoyed this and learned a lot of very helpful tips to start implementing ASAP!

A Fitch


Excellent tips on customer service, building good relationships with clients to win repeat business, and a few Fiverr "hacks" to help you do it all efficiently

T. Crehan


He has refined the communication process for any online freelancer, not just on Fiverr!

S. Walton

> Schedule your checkup today...


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