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Introducing Fiverr SampleSites!

"My SampleSite has worked wonders for me. Everyone who sees my Fiverr gig goes there first. I even have great success with it on Upwork and Backstage."

Gary Hubbard

The Fiverr "Demo Squeeze" 

You're proud of what you can do, and you want your buyer to know the full extent of your versatility. On Fiverr, that's not a possibility.  You've got your main demo, and a few slots to show or play additional samples of your work, but it's very limiting.  Portfolio feature?  Fine if you're one of the select few who are invited to have one, but even then, the portfolio is buried deep down on your gig page and few notice it.  

What a SampleSite Gives You

With your own beautiful SampleSite page, you can offer as many demos as you like.  Just give me a link to your gig, your Fiverr gig image, a little ad copy, and all your demos, and you'll be up and running with your own SampleSite page in days...complete with a link you can  add to your Fiverr gig description.  Every page is in responsive, flexible format, so it resizes nicely to whatever device it's viewed on.  And cheap?  Gosh yes.  Read on.

Three Bucks!

Since I operate my own server computer, adding your page costs practically nothing, so that's what I chargepractically nothing!  I'll create your page for you,and host it for a year for just $3 a month for up to ten demos, $4 a month for up to 20 demos, and $5 a month for up to 30 demos. 

What They Don't Know, CAN Hurt You

If buyers aren't aware of your full range of skills, you may find yourself losing out to another seller who offers something closer to what they need.  Be the seller who leaves no doubt in buyers' minds that you've got what it takes, by demonstrating the entire gamut of your capabilities!  If a SampleSite wins you just one order in a year, it will have been worth the money...and after that, it's all gravy!

Launch Bonus!
Order right away and get my full two hour course, "Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr," FREE.
10 Demo SampleSite for One Year - $36
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20 Demo SampleSite for One Year - $48
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30 Demo SampleSite for One Year - $60
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After ordering, email me the following:

  1. Your gig image

  2. Link to your Fiverr gig

  3. Any brief sales text you'd like included

  4. Your demos (audio, video, images, and PDF documents are all ok!

SampleSite Samples

Have a look at some of other SampleSite page examples.

Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 12.13.07 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 12.08.29 PM.png
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